The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 331

Chapter 331: I Still Think That The Engagement Is Real

"Has he got nothing better to do? Why would he come to see me? He should know well enough that I will not run away again," answered Gu Xijiu, with a quiet easiness.

The Firmament Stone struggled a little. "Youre his fiance, enough said. Its reasonable for him to come and see you, at least."

"When all's said and done, the engagement is just a fake one. It doesnt even count as an engagement. Did you believe in it?"

It was speechless at first. "I still think that the engagement is real," murmured the Firmament Stone.

In her heart, Gu Xijiu was slightly moved, but she remained quiet.

How could it be real? She had spent an adequate amount of time in this world, long enough for her to observe his personality from other perspectives.

If all the young ladies in the city admired Rong Jialuo as their match the fourth son of the high official in the capital, then all the young ladies on earth would worship Di Fuyi as their idol.

No matter where one was at, as long as he or she said anything bad about Di Fuyi at all, the people would be so triggered, as if they were going to throw eggs at the person for being disrespectful.

All humans in this world worshiped the Lord, but because he was overly mighty, all humans would merely be mortal beings to the Lord. The people would only worship the Lord with all sincerity, not with the kind of affection in their hearts.

Because the Lord was unreachable and impalpable, he was thus worshiped as a divinity in the peoples hearts. They dared not blaspheme against the Lord, not even the slightest.

Di Fuyi, on the other hand, was a living person within reach. Sometimes, he was amiable and easy to approach. Also, he was incredibly accomplished. There was no doubt that he was the idol of the people. His admirers must be countless.

There were already several rumors about his admirers that Gu Xijiu had come across with, unintentionally. Several decades ago, there were many women in the tales: a gifted princess, a leader of a clan and a beautiful lady. All of them had high standards and were equally outstanding, clearly distinguished from the common.

Some people confessed their admiration tactfully; then there were those who were bold and forthright about their feelings towards him. Some had even tried to crawl into his bed.

All of them were turned down, unreservedly. He had even thrown his bed out, together with the ones trying to crawl into it. Celestial Master Zuo had surely seen enough. He could have any kind of lady that he wanted. How could he possibly stay engaged to someone who was insignificant, just because of a tiny act of kindness from Luo Xinglan?

It did not seem like something that he would do. The reason that he had given to Gu Xijiu must be nothing but drivel. He could have, most probably, been a homosexual, a very hidden one.

Whatever that he had said had always been half genuine and half sham; he was also very tricky, so tricky that you could easily fall into his trap. Gu Xijiu was too reluctant to even try to figure out his true intentions.

He used to behave like a vine, winding and tangling himself around her. All of it was only due to his devotion in his missions he was going after her merely for the test. Now that it was all done and he had completed his mission, he would leave her alone.

There were only some follow-ups left to be entertained.

There were 10 more days to the day of her punishment. He would be expected to take her to the Dark Forest, personally. After that, there would be nothing left between them at all no attachment whatsoever.

That would be awesome. By the time she made it out of the Dark Forest, she would conceal her identity and live her life in incognito to prevent further attention from Celestial Master Zuo.

An image of his purple robe and his possessive eyes flashed before her eyes. He should be chasing after Yun Qingluo at the moment. The lady did not seem to be ordinary at all, now that she was a master in incantation and manipulation. She had also attained level six in her spiritual power. Once she got away, it would be such an agony for Di Fuyi to go out and catch her again.

Just when Gu Xijiu smiled at the thought of Di Fuyi, the alchemy furnace was ready. She opened up the cover, only to realize that her performance was somewhat unsatisfactory this time.