The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Can Never Change It!

She probably has not learned her lesson. Or maybe something happened which made her change. Gu Xijiu stared at them and coincidentally her gaze met Gu Tianchao eyes.

Gu Tianchao lifted his head slowly and looked at her. His gaze showed some happiness and pride. Gu Xijiu smiled and asked, "What kind of news? Is it about your daughter who became a slut and tried to seduce peoples fiance due to your lousy education? Or the rumor about you being locked up? I think you must have had a sufficient time for reflection during the period you were away. You have lost some weight Anyway, youre kind of old already compared to Mistress Zhang."

Mistress Zhang was the Madame who got promoted by Gu Xietian a few months ago; she is now ranked at the same level as Leng Xiangyu.

Those words had stabbed Leng Xiangyu in her wounds. She was so mad with Gu Xijiu now! "You little"

Before she finished her sentence, she stopped. She knew not to cross the line and swallowed her last word and then said, "Im not going to waste my time here. Anyway, your identity has yet to be confirmed, who knows... you could be fake! Look at Yun Qingluo, she is a real disciple and so much more powerful than you! And because of you, your father even got humiliated by his colleagues in the palace"

"Mistress Leng, don't worry. General Gu was humiliated because he has a slutty daughter who seduced her future brother-in-law." Gu Xijiu said as she placed her arms in front of her chest.

Leng Xiangyu was choked by these words! Gu Tianchao interrupted, "Mother, dont waste time with such people, that will affect your status."

He then looked at Gu Xijiu, "Oh right, I almost forget to tell you... Tianqing will be released soon. His Majesty had issued a decree to forgive her guilt, and she is coming home. You should live peacefully and lovingly with your siblings and not cause any more trouble by embarrassing the family again."

He acted as though he was the master of the family now, and even his words were similar to what a master would say. Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth. She did hear about that; how could they decide to release Gu Tianqing so easily?

Gu Tianchao continued, "Oh, sister. Weve got one more good news! Ive been promoted to General Biaoqi, and this is a big achievement for the family! Father is pleased with it, and he rewarded me and also released my mother. Mother will take over all the household chores"

Gu Xijiu smiled. She was not aware of so many changes in the past 10 days when she was away. She frowned as she looked at Gu Tianchao, "You blocked my way just to tell me all these trifles?"

Gu Tianchao was speechless. He thought he could hurt her with all these news, but she was so calm! He laughed, "Not exactly. Im the master of this family; you better watch out. Otherwise, Ill let you suffer even though youre the disciple of The Lord!"

Leng Xiangyu laughed and said, "Actually, I just want you to know that both of us are the rulers of this family now. Its our empire! No matter how good you can be, you can never change it! You little b*tch!"

Gu Xijiu was mad, "What did you just say?! Dont you remember the punishment for insulting the disciple of The Lord?" Leng Xiangyu laughed, "Did I just insult you? When? Anyone hear it?" She turned around and asked randomly, "Did any of you hear it?"