The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 339

Chapter 339: You Really Want To Kill Your Brother?

Dao Qingyang looked calm. He glared at Gu Xijiu, "What an evil girl! Do you want to kill your brother?"

His aura was powerful, a massive volume of cold air was spreading around him and almost freezing everything in its path. All the servants quickly knelt down.

Rong Jialuo did not wait for Gu Xijiu to talk before he began to speak, "I've witnessed the whole incident, I'll seek justice for her"

He tried to help her get up, "Xijiu, how are you feeling?"

Gu Xijiu was in pain but she smiled and said, "Im fine. Your Highness was watching the show from the beginning!?"

Rong Jialuo felt relieved when he saw that she was still able to joke. He said gently, "I was thinking to visit you but didnt expect Id have a free show." He checked her pulse as he talked.

Usually, people who practice martial arts had some medical knowledge regarding common injuries. Therefore, he should be able to notice if Gu Xijiu had any internal injuries.

Fortunately, Gu Xijius pulse seemed to be stable; she should be fine.

At the same time, Dao Qingyang was trying to check on Gu Tianchao's injuries; his eyebrows frowned tightly. Gu Tianchao was severely injured, he needed treatment.

Gu Xietian was standing between them and felt that he was in a difficult situation. He did not know who should be the one he should check on first. He coughed and said, "Let's discuss the battle later, their treatments are more important at the moment. Your Highness"

Rong Jialuo said, "I think thats very clear. General Gu, Ive got evidence here." Everyones eyes were on him immediately. Rong Jialuo showed them a Record Crane and tapped on the beak. Surprisingly, the crane played the conversation Gu Xijiu had together with Leng Xiangyu and Gu Tianchao! Everyone was shocked!

Leng Xiangyu who had just struggled to get up from the ground had slumped on the floor again after listening to the audio. She thought no one knew the truth, and she could merely trick Gu Xijiu, but she did not realize that this could happen!

Besides that, the minced burger was still there, and that was the evidence to prove Gu Tianchao intended to kill Gu Xijiu in the first place!

Rong Jialuo looked at Gu Xietian and asked, "General, do you have anything else to say? If I pass this recorder to Celestial Master Zuo"

Gu Xietian immediately turned pale. He knew Celestial Master Zuo would punish Leng Xiangyu and Gu Tianchao. Leng Xiangyu was not that important, but he had only had one son left! He glared at Leng Xiangyu and blamed her for making the troubles!

How could she not behave herself!? Was she trying to destroy the family!? She was the mastermind of all these troubles! Gu Xietian was extremely mad and lifted his sword, "Slice!"

Everyone was stunned as they saw Leng Xiangyus head roll off her shoulder! Gu Tianchao was severely injured, but now he fainted due to the shock.

The other servants were trembling and knelt on the ground. Gu Xietian was in tears and quickly knelt down in front of Rong Jialuo, "Your Highness, Ive already killed Leng Xiangyu as she insulted the disciple of The Lord, however, Gu Tianchao" He bit his teeth and continued, "Although he was wrong, it was understandable that he was just trying to protect his mother. Also, I think he has learned his lesson. After all, he is Xijius brother, and they are siblings. Could you please forgive him and not inform Celestial Master Zuo?"