The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 340

Chapter 340: Parents Are Always Right

Rong Jialuo remained silent.

Dao Qingyang said, "General Gu, your daughter has to bear part of the responsibility for this incident. The way she spoke was quite evil, and that is not supposed to be the way she talks to her mother and brother. There is an idiom - parents are always right. As the child of the family, they shouldn't be calculative with parents even if their parents did something wrong, not to mention she only briefly criticized Xijiu..."

He then flashed a glance at Gu Xijiu, "Have you heard that a girl is supposed to listen to her father and brother at home and compromise to her husband and son when she gets married? So what if she is the disciple of the Lord? She shouldn't neglect common morality! I'm sure Celestial Master Zuo wouldn't punish Tianchao even if he knows. Alright, I think this is enough for today. Tianchao is severely injured, I'll bring him for treatment." He then whistled and called a massive and fierce bird. He left with Gu Tianchao.

Gu Xietian finally felt relieved. He then looked at Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu..." He knew he should not be biased, but he only had one son. The son was the one who could help him to reproduce his future generation, and he could not bear to lose another son anymore. Unfortunately, he could only feel sorry for his daughter.

Gu Xijiu was still pale. She completely understood his feelings and mindset. Her father possessed everything a jerk had in that generation; they prioritized men. Men married many women, and the men were always the master of the wives.

She did not think to change his thinking.

She said calmly, "General Gu, you have another son. Have you forgotten about Gu Tiannuo?"

Gu Xietian was silent.

He always felt guilty and sorry to that son.

Gu Tiannuo was a genius, and he was even more talented than Gu Tianchao. He used to love and pamper that son before Leng Xiangyu appeared. He always brought him for horse riding, and they both used to spar with each other. The son loved to stick to him; he used to be like a small tail following behind Gu Xietian every day when he came home.

Later on, he purposely neglected his son just to piss off Luo Xinglan. When Luo Xinglan jumped off the cliff, his son went missing.

"Tiannuo... Tiannuo has passed away. Xijiu, our home is no longer a home. Could you stop it? Leave some space for others." Gu Xietian could not hold in his frustrations and began to complain as though Gu Xijiu was the primary factor of all the tragedies.

Gu Xijiu was mad.

"General Gu, a man's promise is worth a thousand pieces of gold! You should keep your promise if you promised a lady. If you've kept your promise, there will not be so many tragedies. Gu Tiannuo wouldn't go missing, Luo Xinglan wouldn't jump off a cliff, and Gu Xijiu wouldn't be bullied and lonely! Perhaps, you might even have more excellent children! However, you've ruined everything! You're the murderer of your family!"

Gu Xietian was mad, and his face turned red, "None of these would happen if you could just behave yourself and stop creating problems!?"

"Haha! Behave?" Gu Xijiu laughed and continued, "I've behaved myself for more than 10 years! I got bullied by your other children, and you neglected my existence until my sister seduced and slept with my fiance! I got set up and almost killed by your children! Now I understand your way of compensating me; you just want me to behave and continue to be bullied Haha! Thanks for the lesson! Unfortunately, I can't! General Gu, I think we don't have any similar goals, and I think we cannot be father and daughter. Let's break the bond. I have completely nothing to do with the Gu family effective from this moment!"

She cut off half of her sleeve and threw it towards Gu Xietian.