The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 342

Chapter 342: The Crown Prince Was Really A Helpful Person!

She assumed Rong Jialuo was the one who sent Prince Long and his subordinates to the ice land and the pills were prepared for her!

She did not expect that she would get the pills back in this form after she gave it to someone else.

Gu Xijiu felt warm and touched. She was so grateful to have a crown prince as her friend!

Although she might not be able to use the pills, she accepted his offer and decided to try her best to help him in the future if necessary. She pondered and then thanked him.

She drew 10 pills from the crystal bottle and then kept them in her jade bottle. She pushed the remaining 20 pills back to Rong Jialuo and said, "10 pills are sufficient."

She has done some research about the geography and landscape of the Dark Forest. Based on her Kung Fu, she should be able to escape in less than 10 days if her starting point was at the third peak.

Rong Jialuo stopped and pondered, "Xijiu, Ive spent eight days to escape from the third peak I know your Qing Gong is amazing, but we need to take precaution in case things go south. Lets do this; you keep 20 pills, thats the minimum!"

His gaze was full of seriousness.

Gu Xijiu pondered and then promised, "Alright, Ill keep another 10 pills then."

She decided to return all the remaining pills to him when she comes out from the Dark Forest. Since she could not reveal her identity as Chong Sheng,' she did not explain further.

Rong Jialuo felt relieved when he saw her keep the 20 pills. He then took out a storage bag from his sleeve and took out its contents one by one. That included a super sharp knife, a solid golden silk glove, a protective suit made from pangolin, etc., until there was no space for him to put anything on the table.

"Xijiu, the Dark Forest is a perilous place. These things could help to protect you, and the probability for you to escape would increase!"

Gu Xijiu looked at all the weapons and then looked at him again, "Your Highness is a very kind person, I'm afraid I can't accept it"

She could identify that those things were precious and everyone was looking for it in the market! However, the crown prince was not the favorite person in the parliament, and his residence was not as plentiful as what people thought. Those precious weapons were probably all his assets.

That made the weapons even more precious, and she was afraid that she could not compensate him in the future.

Rong Jialuo seemed to know her concern and smiled, "You've overthought, I'm not giving all of these to you. I'm lending them to you. You need to return it to me when you are out."

"What if I cant make it?" Gu Xijiu simply asked.

"No, youll come back!" Rong Jialuo said firmly, "I believe in you!"

Gu Xijiu replied, "I'm grateful for Your Highness' offer, but I haven't achieved anything, and I shouldn't be rewarded."

"Xijiu, youve saved my life, and you treated my illness, you deserve it no matter what! I'll give it to you."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She understood that the crown prince has found out the identity of the person who helped him to treat his illness. He just did not mention it previously.

She decided to be frank, "That was just a trade, Your Highness doesn't owe me anything."

Rong Jialuo looked at her and said, "Xijiu, what are you trying to avoid?"

Gu Xijiu frowned, "Huh?"

Rong Jialuo sighed, "I realized you'd set a barrier towards every man. Are you afraid to owe them something and don't want to have any further relationships with them? Don't worry, not everyone would be like Rong Yan, at least I'm still a reliable person."