The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 343

Chapter 343: She Has Now Set A Strong Barrier To Men

Gu Xijiu was silent. Rong Jialuo seemed to have misunderstood that she was hurt by Rong Yan. However, what he said kind of made sense. She had now set a firm barrier towards men.

That was because she had not seen any happy ending relationships in her previous and current life. She found out that men were usually not loyal in a relationship and they were cold-blooded! For example, Gu Xietian, Long Xi, and Rong Yan.

Thus, she did not want to be involved in any relationship anymore. She would immediately stop the interaction as soon as she sensed the intention from the other party.

Rong Jialuo was depressed, but he managed to hide it. He coughed and said, "Dont worry, Xijiu. Ive no special intention; I treat you as my good friend. How could I not help my good friend when she needs help? Besides that, this is all I can help already, if you think this is more than what you can accept, why not you do me a favor?"

"Whats up?"

"Theres an iron beast at the second peak in the Dark Forest; its heart could be a drug primer for me to produce some medicine to enhance my skills. Could you help me to get one?"

Since he had asked for it, Gu Xijiu could not say no, "Deal!"

Rong Jialuo stopped frowning and smiled and then continued to explain how to operate those weapons.

After watching her try every single weapon, he kept all of them into the storage bag again and then passed it to her.

After that, Rong Jialuo explained about the things she should pay more attention to in the Dark Forest. Two hours had passed when he finished explaining.

Initially, Rong Jialuo thought of treating Gu Xijiu to a meal. However, he suddenly noticed that Gu Xijiu was unwell as her face was ashen.

"What happened, Xijiu? You dont look well." He immediately checked her pulse.

Gu Xijiu tried to avoid and shook her head, "Im fine, Im just tired."

"Are you sure?" Rong Jialuo was still worried.

"Yes, youve checked my pulse just now."

"But you don't look well You should get some rest." Rong Jialuo stood up and said, "Let's go, I'll send you back."

Gu Xijiu nodded, and when she was trying to get up from the chair, they heard some noises from outside.

A lady snarled, "Rong Chu, dont try to fool me! Youve been very close to Yun Qingluo recently! Are you trying to hook up with her since you go to her residence every day!? Are you planning to marry her as your official wife!?"

"Crap! What are you talking about?! I got the decree from His Majesty to visit her. She is the heavenly gifted disciple and also a visitor from our neighbor country, I was assigned to bring her around in the capital city." Rong Chu raised his voice.

"Hng! Dont try to fool me! His Majesty assigned the crown prince, not you!" The lady said furiously.

Gu Xijiu looked at Rong Jialuo who was standing beside her. Rong Jialuo coughed once but remained silent.

"Zhao Er, this is too much! His Majesty assigned two of us to go but my elder brother is busy practicing his Kung Fu, so I must go alone." Rong Chu explained firmly.

"Hng! Stop fooling me! I know you have other plans! You like her, dont you? I dont mind to tell you that you will never succeed! She has someone already!"

Rong Chu was shocked and asked, "Is she engaged? To who? Based on the info I have, she is the saint of the Haoyue Kingdom, and a saint can never simply get engaged. I didn't hear that she had been engaged to anyone."

"Celestial Master Zuo!" The lady threw a 'bomb' to him!