The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 344

Chapter 344: About His Rumors

"Wh...What!? How could she? She"

Rong Chu ran out of words.

"You just told me you had no intention to chase after her! Your reaction seems to be the other way around!" The lady shouted!

The lady continued to throw a tantrum and Rong Chu was trying to comfort her patiently. Apparently, the lady and Rong Chu have been secretly engaged, and the lady was the daughter of the Prime Minister.

Gu Xijiu secretly felt it was not right to listen to their conversation like that and was ready to walk out. Suddenly, she heard Rong Chu ask, "Alright, Zhao Er. Im just curious, who is she engaged to?"

"Celestial Master Zuo! She is with Celestial Master Zuo!" The lady repeated the same thing. Apparently, she did not say it for fun.

Rong Chu went silent.

Gu Xijiu, who was still in the restaurant, grabbed her teacup tightly. Di Fuyis image flashed into her mind.

"Is he engaged? Did that mean her engagement with him was invalid now?

Was it possible?" Di Fuyi had been single for so many years, would he fall in love so soon?

It was not only Gu Xijiu who did not believe her words, but even Rong Chu also could not believe what he heard, "Impossible! Celestial Master Zuo has almost become a demigod, how can he fall in love with a little girl?"

"She is a heavenly gifted disciple who has a similar status as Celestial Master Zuo; they are quite compatible!"

"I dont believe it! Where did you get the news?"

"It spread out from Fucang Hall" The lady continued to surprise him, "I have a relative working in Fucang Hall as a maid, and I heard her mention that there will be an engagement ceremony in Fucang Hall in 10 days."

Rong Chu was speechless.

The lady continued to speak, "Look, who else is charming enough for Celestial Master Zuo? Yun Qingluo has been very close to Celestial Master Zuo recently. I also heard that when Yun Qingluo went on an adventure in the Haoyue Kingdom, she was in danger and Celestial Master Zuo saved her! I guess both of them fell in love with each other after a period of interaction. Besides that, they are quite compatible, and both of them haven't got married. I'm not surprised if they get married"

Rong Chu struggled to reply, "All these are just your speculation, it could be wrong. I havent heard Yun Qingluo mention it"

"She is a lady, of course, she won't. However, I've also heard some good luck fell on her though. You see, there is good news from Fucang Hall and Yun Qingluo gained some good luck recently. Everything just perfectly fell into place for her!"

Rong Chu was utterly speechless. He was silent for a moment and said, "Anyhow, this hasnt been finalized. Perhaps, Celestial Master Zuo likes someone else? You know the overlord from Yinyang clan was quite close to him, maybe she is the one?"

The lady laughed, "Ha! Both of them knew each other for more than 10 years; they would have gotten married earlier if they liked each other, why now? I did hear that both of them were not happy with each other. A few days ago, Overlord Hua paid a visit to Celestial Master Zuo, but he refused to see her. After that, the engagement news of Celestial Master Zuo spread like wildfire. Apparently, he liked someone else but not Hua Wuyan. Who else would be the one if not Yun Qingluo?"

"Gu Xijiu had also been together with him for a period" Rong Chu suddenly said.

The lady laughed again, "She? Wake up, man! How could she be the one?! She is a little girl who has yet to reach her puberty!"