The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 35

Chapter 35: He Actually Got Rejected!

Gu Xijiu stood in front of the window and smiled vaguely. Then, she picked up a vermilion fruit and said, "This fruit tastes good! We just need to consume it. Why would we inquire about its origin? Don't you think so, your honor?"

Apparently, Gu Xijiu did not want him to inquire about her identity and origins. This was not uncommon, as there were many others who did not want to reveal their identities too

He took a glance at Gu Xijiu again. She was standing there, though her height was as short as a kid's and her face was unremarkable, she looked calm but she actually had the virtue and mettle that suggests a peerlessly well-known sword hidden in an unsuspecting sheath, looking common but with a menacingly sharp blade that must not be treated impertinently.

Rong Che laughed, "You are right! I am sorry if this may come off as rude, but Id like to have you as a friend if I could have the pleasure?"

Gu Xijiu took a cup of tea and simply rejected, "No!"

"Ah?" Rong Che was stunned, which was uncommon for him.

He was rejected! He practically got rejected!

He seemed to be friendly with his smile, but he was not close to many people and seldom made new friends. It took him awhile for him to take the initiative today, but alas, he actually got rejected!

Rong Che was angry for a moment and could not help but to touch his nose. Other than fuming with anger, he felt rather odd and curious simultaneously.

"Why? Do you feel that I am not worthy to be your friend?"

Gu Xijiu replied indifferently, "A person becomes your friend with actions, not by mere words. Friendship emphasizes sincerity and willingness to sacrifice for each other! As we just got acquainted, I dont know much about you, hence, how would you understand me? How can you just say "Lets be friends" to be friends when we havent gotten to know each other yet? Even if I agree to your request, then we are only casual acquaintances, not actual friends."

Rong Che, "" This point of view was new to the eighth prince but it was indeed incisive!

Initially, he was just slightly curious about her, hence, he said so because he wanted to know more. He even wanted to condescend when he said that.

Nonetheless, he now respected her after he heard her reply.

He now felt even more committed to wanting to be her friend; the determination flashed through his eyes, "Yes, you are right, but I do believe that we are going to be friends one day!"

Gu Xijiu smiled vaguely without a word.

The world of a killer is dark and friendless, with only clients, preys, and acquaintances

She used to count only one friend as her true friend, who she was willing to sacrifice for and even wanted to marry, but, she got a nasty stab in return! What desperation and a reminder it was!

As the shadow of Long Xi flashed through her mind, the corner of her mouth turned slightly upwards as she took a cup of tea from the desk and gulped it down.

The murderer, Gu Xijiu had died. In this life, she wanted to live only for herself and would not let anyone be her burden.

When she was muttering while leaning against the guardrail, some noises from downstairs were heard, indicating that some guests had just arrived. She looked down and squinted her eyes!

There were three people - a man and two ladies.

Gu Xijiu knew the three of them, as they were her worthless husband-to-be, Rong Yan, and her two sisters, Gu Tianqing and Gu Tianyi.

As a group of pretty boys and girls always catches one's eye, they had attracted attention from most people as soon as they entered.

From an insignificant nobody, Rong Yan had just become a somebody. He was enjoying the limelight, hence, many VIPs and high-rank officials sitting on the first floor knew of him and greeted him.

Rong Yan looked worried at first, but he looked better and was pleased with himself when he was receiving much flattery from the people. The Gu sisters were standing by his side and felt honored too.