The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 350

Chapter 350: She Had Neither Appearance Nor Virtue But Talent

As the three Princes were known to be honorable, they each had a separate table for themselves.

The ladies felt no regrets to come because three out of the four capital city's children who were good-looking had come.

Many ladies shifted their focus on to them.

Some brave ladies even walked towards Long Moyan and asked if they could take a seat beside him.

As Long Moyan was a gentleman, he did not reject them.

Therefore, he had two stunning ladies sitting beside him.

Some noble ladies who were confident with their appearance went to ask Rong Che if they could have a seat together with him, but they were rejected by Rong Che with a smile while he was fanning his face. Therefore, they embarrassedly stepped away.

As for Rong Jialuo, he always gave out an aura of "do not come near to me" to the people around him. Even the ladies who were brave enough to sit beside him would stop moving as soon as they saw the cold indifference in his eyes.

Rong Chu, on the other hand, was popular among the ladies. He wanted to exhibit pity and tenderness so that the two beautiful ladies would sit with him.

But when he saw that both Rong Jialuo and Rong Che are sitting alone, he felt embarrassed to sit with someone else. Therefore, he ended up sitting alone, but his table was very near to the daughter of the Prime Minister, Lan Zhaoer.

The Emperor set the starting time of the dinner at 6 pm, and he had arrived 15 minutes earlier.

After the people paid their respects, the Emperor scanned through the hall and slightly frowned. Then, the Emperor shifted his focus towards Gu Xietian, "General Gu, why is your daughter not here yet?"

Gu Xietian was also very worried and was having cold sweat, but he could only reply, "My little daughter...she is probably hold-up due to some issues, but I believe she would be reaching shortly..."

Somebody teased, "Sixth Gus daughter is no longer the same as she used to be. As she is now the Lord's disciple, she has become even more precious now."

Somebody continued, "No matter how precious she is, she is still not as important in comparison to the Princes and His Majesty, correct? How can she let His Majesty wait for her!"

"Haha, an untalented woman usually has the virtue, but sixth Gus daughter is precisely the opposite. She has neither appearance nor virtue but talent. Nonetheless, it isn't good for her to be inordinately proud of herself, right?"

The political enemies of Gu Xietian would start to provoke and tease as soon as they have the chance.

They dared not to overdo it because Gu Xijiu had become a representative of the Lord, they might woo punishments if what they said was overheard by the Celestial Master Zuo.

The Emperor was, however, open-hearted. He raised his hand to stop the complaining officials, "Xijiu is a trustworthy kid. She could be hindered by something as she is not here yet. Therefore, please be patient. General Gu, you don't have to be worried."

The Emperor glanced at Rong Chu, " the Fourth Prince, when Xijiu arrives, let her sit with you.

Young people should sit together as it would be more fun for them."

Rong Chu was stupefied, and could not believe that his worst dream came true and blurted, "I think it's not suitable for her to sit together with me..."

He did not want to sit together with such an ugly person!

If he had known that his father would make such an arrangement earlier, he would have allowed the two beautiful ladies to sit with him just now! He had regretted not doing so!

The Emperor frowned as he had not expected that his son would say such a thing to his face! When he wanted to respond, Rong Jialuo spoke, "Father, please let Xijiu sit beside me later when she comes, I've something to speak with her."

The people, "..."

Rong Chu smiled while fanning himself, "She could also sit beside me."

Rong Chu earnestly wished they said so. Hence, he immediately said, "Father, as both the Crown Prince and the eighth brother wanted the sixth Gu daughter to sit beside them, I dare not have her sit beside me."

The people continued, "..."

The Crown Prince's gang could not help but praise their master who noticed talent without focusing on people's appearance, and such a master would likely become a good Emperor in the future!