The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Just Let Miss Xijiu Sit By My Side

Meanwhile, the fourth prince's gang teased, "What kind demeanor does the Crown Prince have!? I am just afraid the Crown Prince would lose his appetite for manners when he has only grass instead of flowers by his side.

What they said was indeed a metaphor to criticize Gu Xijiu as an ugly person.

Gu Xietian was unhappy listening to it, and he could not help but say, "Please be polite when you speak, my little daughter has improved a lot over this short six months..."

Somebody could not help but laugh, "General Gu, do allow me to speak the truth. Everyone is certain that your daughter is indeed talented but for her appearance, haha!"

Somebody asked Rong Che who was somewhat close to Gu Xijiu for the past eight years, "Eight Prince, you should have seen Miss Gu recently, right? Has she changed?"

Rong Yan gave a faint smile, but he did not answer directly, "You will find out once she arrives, whats the point of arguing about it now?"

At the same time, somebody was reporting from the outside, "The Lord's disciple has arrived."

The chief guest has finally arrived!

Numerous pairs of eyes shifted towards the door.

With the guidance of an imperial maid, a young girl walked in gently.

Then, everyone was stunned!

The young lady who was wearing a fathomless aquamarine colored dress, and looked tall with a beautiful figure, had thin and long eyebrows, slightly curved eye corners, dark black eyes, aquiline nose, elegant shape and delicate red lips whereby its color turns lighter when she slightly purses her lips.

Her waist long dark hair was hanging down loosely, and her forehead had a sapphire jewel glimmering.

She also had a cold and indifferent aura which could chill the heated atmosphere just like rain cooling the surrounding temperature.

She was indeed beautiful and elegant!

She was cold too, like a well-known sword hidden in a sheath!

Among the ladies, it was Lan Zhaoer, daughter of the Prime Minister, the most beautiful lady in the hall but when this young lady entered, she looked nothing special anymore!

Was she Gu Xijiu? The one who was known to be an ugly person?


It was only six months, and she had changed this much?

Some people could not help but glance at her, wondering if the real main character has not arrived yet.

Some of the people who had good eyesight realized that this young lady did indeed look similar to the girl who was at the Open Heaven Stage while others even saw some vague red spots on her forehead which was difficult to see without careful observation.

While being stared with their brightened and surprised eyes, Gu Xijiu walked to the middle without looking to the sides and paid her respect to the Emperor, "Your Majesty, Xijiu is late, please forgive me."

As she was the Lord's disciple, she could pay a customary respect instead of a profound respect for the Emperor.

The Emperors had brightened eyes too, but a complicated feeling flashed through his eyes.

The current Gu Xijiu was like a beautiful jade shining after its rough outer surface was removed, attracting everyone's attention.

She was not just changed but had become another person!

More importantly, she looked 40%to 50% like Luo Xinglan, and her eyebrows were significantly alike!

The Emperor was indeed kind towards her as he said, "No, you aren't late yet, in fact, you are just on time."

She did indeed arrive on time.

"Xijiu, you may..." When the Emperor wanted to choose a place for Gu Xijiu to sit, Rong Chu suddenly stood up and said, "Father, would you let Miss Xijiu sit by my side?"

The people, "..."

Some people had already looked disgusted especially Lan Zhaoer who was sitting near to Rong Chu!