The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Could She Choose Not to Accept His Compensation?!

"Youre not young anymore." The emperor had started the main topic, "Xijiu, I actually wanted you to be my daughter-in-law and thats why Ive appointed you a spouse when you were younger.

Unfortunately, Rong Yan, that bastard did something stupid and thus I've annulled both of your marriage contracts to prevent anything from affecting your future. But I do feel sorry for this, so, to compensate you, Id have to appoint a good spouse for you so that you can be my daughter-in-law again, Rong Chu"

How expected! Could she choose not to accept his compensation?!

She just managed to set a mid-level scum away and the emperor wanted to give her a high-level scum?

"Your Majesty, I appreciate your kindness but Im afraid that Im unworthy to receive your blessing. After all, Ive to enter the Dark Forest tomorrow and may not able to return. Therefore, if Im engaged today, Im afraid of bringing any trouble to the precious prince and that would be bad" Gu Xijiu started to reject indirectly.

"Xijiu, its only because youre entering the Dark Forest, that I urgently wanted to have you engaged. Firstly, good news would bring good luck; secondly, it could increase your confidence and the probability of you coming out safely. After all, a person with baggage would maximize one's own potential for safety" The emperor started nagging.

Gu Xijiu, ""

Was she stuck in an ancient period of time? The emperor unbelievably knew about her potential.

In fact, the dynasty was rather strange as it was not recorded in modern history books at all, yet the people of this generation knew the phrases of the ancient people. It seemed that they knew all about the ancient people before the arrival of the Tang Dynasty.

But after the Tang Dynasty, the history seemed to have been twisted and this dynasty which appeared to be a mere imagination, one that could not be deduced from modern knowledge, had emerged.

"Your Majesty, I do appreciate my life and I wont lose it easily, despite not being engaged. Ill try to come out with all my might" Gu Xijiu spared no effort to stop the emperor from proceeding with his intentions.

The emperor became slightly gloomy, "Xijiu, are you trying to disobey my decree?" His voice became indifferent.

When the emperor got angry, an unknown amount of people would be decapitated. Therefore, the hall became so quiet that one could even hear a pin drop.

Disobeying an imperial decree would not only be deemed a capital crime, but it may cause the whole family to be exterminated completely too!

Gu Xietian could not help to reply, "Your Majesty, please do not be angry, Xijiu will not disobey your decree. This kid was justjust afraid that she would be troubling the prince if she was engaged with him, should she not be able to come out from the Dark ForestXijiu, His Majesty is merciful, you mustnt harbor second thoughts anymore. Quickly show your appreciation!"

Gu Xijiu frowned as she was annoyed by the system where the emperor had the utmost power and whatever the emperor said was authoritative - one that all officials had to accept and execute regardless

However, she knew that with her current ability, she could not change the circumstances.

Though she could disobey the decree and still survive, her family and friends would be troubled.

"Xijiu, lets proceed according to our plan!" Rong Jialuos voice shot straight into her ears.

With determination, Gu Xijiu bowed, "Your Majesty, Xijiu gives thanks for your kindness! Xijiu is willing to listen to you."

Soon after she said it, almost everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

The emperor also became gentler, "Xijiu, I knew you were a good girl, then" When he was about to say something else, a eunuch rushed in, "Reporting to Your Majesty, Celestial Master is here, along with saint Yun Qingluo!"

Gu Xijius heart missed a beat!

Meanwhile, the emperor had already stood up and said, "Quick, invite them in! My officials, come with me to welcome them!"