The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Celestial Master Zuo Seemed to be More ostentatious

Both Celestial Master Zuo and Yun Qingluo came in very quickly, hence, the emperor, who was leading his imperial officials met them as soon as they just got out of the hall.

After six months, Gu Xijiu finally met Celestial Master Zuo.

This time, Celestial Master Zuo did not come with his wind-ship but appeared with modesty this time around.

Besides, he was not wearing his symbolic purple robe but a green robe instead. The robe was made from an unknown material but it seemed to be shading his body like mist, where a pattern of clouds and the lower hem had a mountain and a cloud embroidered on it. Those clouds seemed to move along with his movement, and further set off the mountain, making it appear more graceful and mysterious.

His black hair was still loosely hanging, with parts covering the fox-eyed shaped ruby on his forehead and his light silver mask was covering his long nose and look. Only his perfectly-shaped chin and light red lips were exposed.

By his side, there was a woman.

That woman was wearing light purple dress embroidered with petals. The dress was also made of a very soft material, fluttering in the breeze like the flowing spring water with pinkish peach flowers.

She was thin, 1.7-meter-tall and had a thin waist. Her dress was undoubtedly loose and conservative yet her graceful body outline could be seen clearly with a mere glance.

She had a butterfly-shaped white jade mask on her face too. Her mask was very exquisite, tailored to fit the shape of her face, which was covering the most part of her face, yet her clear shiny eyes and long nose could be obviously seen. Her red lips were slightly thin, but the shape looked just right, with its color bright and beautiful too.

She was indeed a beautiful lady with an excellent temperament. She made people feel like she was the cloud in the sky, idling along... graceful yet unattainable.

She was Yun Qingluo, with a level 6.5 spiritual power. She was also an advanced enchantress, a master of puppetry, as well as the youngest and the most recent heaven's gifts disciple!

Before her, anyone who was standing with Celestial Master Zuo would pale in comparison, like regular green leaves highlighting a stark contrast.

But she was looked good standing by Celestial Master Zuo's side, in a way that it compelled others to feel that they were the perfect match!

As she used to be on the Open Heaven Stage, most people present already knew her but were still feeling shocked, despite seeing her for the second time.

Meanwhile, the ladies felt both jealous and excited when they glanced at Yun Qingluo and then turned to Gu Xijiu

Lan Zhaoer, especially, curved the corners of her lips as if she saw Gu Xijiu finally being humiliated.

Gu Xijiu still looked calm. She was after all, only about 14 years old and was not tall. Therefore, she was camouflaged behind the crowd.

Along with the rest, she was sizing the two people up calmly.

"Master, six months have passed now. Celestial Master Zuo has seemed to be more ostentatious." The Firmament Stone bluntly commented.

"He doesnt look ostentatious in this robe, does he? It looks quite unique and nice." Gu Xijiu commented objectively.

"Hmph, I dont think it looks nice but more of an eyesore! And Yun Qingluos too, it looks like a purplish butterfly but an atrocious one!" The Firmament Stone switched its target.

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "Little Cang, I sincerely think that your aesthetic values seem rather poor. Would you like to read some books in your corner to upgrade your taste?"

The Firmament Stone, ""

It was unconvinced, "But I think your cloth looks good."

"Hey, your aesthetic values are back to normal again." Gu Xijiu complimented it.