The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Youre the Main Character Today

Yun Qingluo was shocked as she was not expecting him to ask, "Err"

"Your Majesty, please prepare another table for Miss Yun." Di Fuyi requested.

The emperor was secretly relieved, "Sure! Miss Yun from afar, is indeed our very important guest, and should be seated in an honorable seat." Immediately, he ordered his people to prepare another table on his right and invited Yun Qingluo to take her seat.

Then, both Yun Qingluo and Di Fuyi were separated completely.

Yun Qingluo did not say anything and took her seat.

The emperor then ordered two tables of food and drinks, which certainly were the most exquisite, before he started the dinner again.

After Yun Qingluo drank some alcohol, she scanned through the tables and her watery eyes made people felt indefinitely cold like they were being immersed in water.

The people actually did not quite understood the reason why Yun Qingluo came.

Since she had been verified as the heaven's gifts disciple, she basically did not accept any visitations and barely met other people, not to mention participating in any dinners at Feixing Kingdom at all.

Yet, she came by herself without any invitations.

Was it because of Celestial Master Zuo? That she followed Celestial Master Zuo here?

The people were assuming within themselves.

"Whos Miss Gu?" She inquired with a smile.

Gu Xijiu raised her head, "Saint Yun, are you referring to me, Xijiu?"

Yun Qingluo sized Gu Xijiu up and smiled, "So you are Miss Gu Xijiu. You are indeed pure-hearted, spirited, intelligent and beautiful. Ive heard about you for some time now and finally, I can meet you in person. Glad to meet you. Id like to give a toast to you."

She was speaking gently, raised a glass with her fair and tender hand, and raised it again towards Gu Xijiu and drank with her head raised.

Gu Xijiu had always respected others who respected her. She politely replied, "Thank you. Ive heard about you too. Youre indeed living up to your reputation." And she finished her glass with a mere swig.

"Miss Gu, youre such a straightforward lady!" Yun Qingluo smiled, "Youre the main character today, Id give you another toast." Again, she took her glass and finished it all at once.

Toasting twice while proposing a toast; it seemed that Yun Qingluo had carried out her mannerisms thoroughly. Therefore, Gu Xijiu took another sip.

As the emperor had his officials participating in the feast, he prepared the best alcohol for everyone.

Most certainly, he had also prepared a sweet alcoholic drink with a lower alcohol percentage that tasted sweet, just for the ladies.

Therefore, such alcohol was like ordinary beer for a person who enjoys drinking like Gu Xijiu, and would not get drunk even if she drank one whole jug.

As somebody started to give a toast and she was the main character of the night, many people toasted to her too. She drank more than ten glasses already, so it was not a big deal for her to have more.

But Rong Jialuo slightly frowned and directed an order to her, "Xijiu, do drink lesser as you are going to the Dark Forest."

Meanwhile, Rong Che who was at the same table with Gu Xijiu, silently got her a bowl of honey porridge, "Use this to prevent yourself from getting intoxicated later."

Prince Rong Che did not serve anyone easily, not even for his own father, the emperor.

According to this brat, his father had many attendants and would not need him, especially one who fumbles.

At this moment, the emperor was feeling curious while looking at Rong Che. Though he kept quiet, he could clearly see that Rong Che had helped Gu Xijiu with food three times and refilled her glass twice already, even when the maid was standing right behind them!

Would the eighth prince be interested in her?

As the emperor had spies throughout the capital city, he knew that Gu Xijiu had been close to both Rong Che and Rong Jialuo in the last six months.

Thoughtfulness flashed through his eyes, which were staring at Gu Xijiu at the same time.

The people, for sure, had harbored their own thoughts too. But the atmosphere was very lively as they were all making toasts to each other.