The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Eight Prince Misremembered?

"What a coincidence, they are here too! We had just met them a few days ago and now we are seeing them again." Rong Che came over and stood by her side, while his hand seemed to be yearning to be placed on her shoulder.

He was so close to her that she could smell the light vanilla essence.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu slightly slanted her body and Rong Che did not manage to put his hand on her shoulder.

"Sir, are you misremembering? When did we meet them before?" Gu Xijiu frowned; her face was baffled.

Rong Che was still doubting Gu Xijiu, hence, he tried to tempt her with surprise.

When Gu Xijiu said so, he tried to think logically and it seemed that this little brother was indeed not Ms. Gu Xijiu from Mansion Gu

He retreated his hand and laughed dissolutely, "Oh, I think I misremembered, please do forgive me. Little brother, do you recognize these three people?"

Gu Xijiu said lazily while partially leaning, "Yes, I do recognize him. He is the twelfth prince. As he is always out publicly, Ive seen him once or twice before."

What she said was true. Furthermore, Rong Che could not see any loopholes in her words and thus, he was not doubting her anymore.

"Little brother, whats your name? I'm certain you can tell me your name at least, right?"

"Ren Mosheng." Gu Xijiu told him the nickname when she was a killer.

The name 'Mosheng' had also the same pronunciation as the word 'unfamiliar' in Mandarin, hence, she was unfamiliar with anyone, as if she was not part of this world.

"What a cool yet elegant name. It suits you indeed."

After they talked for a little, Rong Yan brought the two ladies with him to the second floor. As the rooms on the second floor were separated, the three did not see Rong Che and Gu Xijiu, as they were led into another room.

The two ladies seemed to be dissatisfied with the room and were complaining and murmuring to each other, that the room was not exquisite enough. It could definitely not match the status of Rong Yan, as a prince being held in favor.

When Gu Xijiu had just arrived, she had been observing the whole area and roughly understood the layout of the place.

She knew that the size of the rooms on the second floor was different. The room where she was, belonged to the middle ranks and thus, the room size was only moderately big. On the other hand, the room that Rong Yan entered belonged to the low ranks on the second floor, and though it was not the smallest, it was still rather small in comparison.

From the two Gu ladies' complaints, Gu Xijiu got to know that Rong Yan got the smallest room this entire time, and today was a day where he came here for the first time after he was held in special favor, hence, he was arranged to a slightly larger room.

Though his status was raised, it was apparently not up to the two ladies expectations. Therefore, their murmurs got even louder and louder.

Gu Tianqing was still better because she was much more calculative. Therefore, she was soft-spoken and occasionally exaggerated a tad bit but it was just nice to further provoke anger in the rest.

Her fifth elder sister, Gu Tianyi was aggressive and sarcastic. All her words were blunt and harsh.

Gu Xijiu did not want to listen to their nonsense but unwillingly, she heard the whole thing and the corner of her lip slightly upturned. This auction house was a place filled with many unknown masters and VIPs, yet Rong Yan, who was just being held in favor, was regarded with such high-profile and was not afraid at all that, what he did could probably giving a hard time to others...

She did not manage to finish her thought process when she heard an indifferent voice, "Twelfth brother, are you disliking it because of the size of the room? How about switching the room with mine?" That voice was light but was cold, like ice-cold water flowing through ones heart.

The original word of mine here, actually meant 'ben gong, which is a Chinese honorific referring to the speaker himself as the eldest prince when speaking to a person or an audience of lower rank or status. Nonetheless, it is normally used by an empress or a high-ranking consort.

Gu Xijiu was slightly shocked!

Ben gong? Was he the eldest prince?