The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Finally the Crown Prince Was in Love!

Perhaps there was a hidden secret behind the scenes - about Di Fuyi having alternative arrangements?

Everyone had no idea what was going on. Even the most crafty government servants could not decipher the reason behind Di Fuyi's actions.

Emperor Xuan felt uneasy; it seemed like his daughter-in-law was going to be snatched away!

He coughed and said, "Xijiu still needs to go into the Dark Forest tomorrow, so it is not good for her to drink too much. Oh yea, Xijiu, I talked about rewarding you with a marriage. Rong Chu was young and very promising"

Gu Xijiu's heart was pumping hard. She never expected that the Emperor Xuan still remembered this matter. Obviously, he had the intention to matchmake herself with Rong Chu.

When she was about to speak, Rong Jialuo could not wait any longer, and stood up, "My Emperor Father, I have something to say."

The Emperor Xuan frowned and surprised, "Jialuo, what do you want to say?"

Rong Jialuo bowed and said, "My Emperor Father, I am very fond of Miss Gu and would like to marry her."

Emperor Xuan remained silent.

Rong Chu did not look good. He also stood up and bowed, My Emperor Father, I fancy Miss Gu a lot too. If I can make her my wife, I would definitely pamper her and let her live a life without worries. If I could marry her, it will help me focus on political affairs to ease your pressure"

Rong Chu was very eloquent in his speech, so he could express it well.

He had many advocates in the imperial court, so a lot of the government servants started to speak up on behalf of Rong Chu.

A minority of the advocates of the Crown Prince helped to speak up for Rong Jialuo too.

Rong Jialuo had not been close to any woman before, so it worried his advocates a lot. They were afraid that he might be gay and would not be able to continue the royal familys lineage. Every now and then they would persuade the Crown Prince to get married but to no avail.

Finally, he had fallen in love and wanted to get married now!

This was definitely good news for the advocates of the Crown Prince. All of them had joy and happiness plastered on their faces.

Not to mention that the lady he liked was the disciple of The Lord, and if he were to fall in love with an ugly woman, they would have helped him snap her up quickly!

Therefore, they would definitely seize all opportunities to get Gu Xijiu for him as his wife.

There was an excellent speaker among the Crown Princes advocates. He related the marriage between Crown Prince and Gu Xijiu to the fortune of the kingdom to the point that the opponents could not argue with him and kept wiping off their sweat

However, the advocates of the Fourth Prince did not give up too and tried their very best to argue with him.

There were more and more people who joined the argument.

A farewell party had now become a battle of the debates. Everyone had their own perspectives and it made the hall very crowded.

The mistresses and misses who had never been to the imperial court before were shocked and surprised when they witnessed the scenario of relentless argument.

Gu Xijiu did not expect it to break into such a big argument thus she was stunned for a moment too. However, she was also expecting to see more, so that Emperor Xuan would stop the argument peacefully by not appointing any of his sons to marry her. Therefore she had been quiet the entire time.

"Sweetheart, I didnt know that your market value was so high." Di Fuyis voice suddenly came into her mind.

Gu Xijiu's body stiffened slightly as she stared at him.