The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 37

Chapter 37: She Would Not Want To Be A Scapegoat!

Gu Xijiu looked towards the direction where the sound had originated and vaguely saw a youth hidden behind one of the pearled-curtains of the largest room on the second floor. As soon as he had finished his sentence, the pearled-curtains in front of him were rolled up and his face could clearly be seen by Gu Xijiu.

There was no denying the fact that the Rong family possessed a strong DNA in their genes because every prince was very good looking.

He seemed to be in his twenties and had a similar look to Rong Ches, though he was not as fascinating and gentle as him. Instead, he had a rather sharp and calm look. He was wearing a black robe with a dark colored dragon embroidered onto it and though he was doing nothing, he seemed to carry an aura of someone who held a high-ranking status.

Rong Yan was stupefied for a moment before he quickly rushed out, knelt outside the room of the crown prince and saluted him. He said, "Your Highness, Im sorry that I was not able to give my respects to you sooner as I was not aware that you were already here. Im really sorry for that"

The prince did not give Rong Yan permission to stand up. Instead, he spoke in an indifferent voice, "Oh, no worries, I was just preparing to give you some space here"

Rong Yan was shocked and kept saying, "I dare not." He also kept on apologizing and had even dispraised himself during their conversation.

While they were in the middle of their conversation, the two Gu sisters had walked over to present their respects to the crown prince.

When the crown prince, Rong Jialuo, did not respond to Rong Yan even after he had apologized, Rong Yan became slightly impatient. After a moment, Rong Jialuo asked, "Who are these two ladies?"

Rong Yan was shocked that the two sisters had kowtowed till they had become dizzy. When they heard the crown princes question, Gu Tianyi replied quickly, "Your Highness, both of us are"

As soon as she had started, Rong Yan quickly interrupted by saying, "Your Highness, both ladies are the daughters of General Gu and they had tagged along with me in the hopes of gaining some new experience. Im sorry if they had been too nave and had hurt you, my Highness" Rong Yan apologized a few more times so that he could skip the part of introducing them further in detail.

"The daughters of the Gu family?" He spoke in a neutral voice, "Is your wife-to-be, the sixth Gu daughter, present here with us today?"

Rong Yan held his breath again as he had not expected that the crown prince would have asked him this question. He was embarrassed and was unable to reply.

Gu Xijiu crossed both her hands while she acted on as an onlooker as she knew the scruple that Rong Yan was having at that moment.

After all, Rong Yan was her official fiance and therefore, it felt wrong that he was hanging out with two of the sisters of his wife-to-be instead of her.

Rong Yan grew more and more anxious by the second as Rong Jialuo was still waiting for his reply. Knowing that Rong Jialuo had not seen Gu Xijiu before, he simply answered, "Ahyes."

Gu Xijiu squinted her eyes as she had not expected that Rong Yan would have dared to lie to the crown prince!

She clenched her fist slightly in anger as she did not want to be used as a scapegoat!

While she was still figuring out how to prevent herself from becoming the scapegoat, "Snap!" Rong Che who was standing beside her had closed his fan, turned and walked out of the room.

"Ah, what a small world this is! Third brother and twelfth brother, I was not expecting to meet you here Ehh, arent these two the eldest sister and the fifth sister of the Gu family? It looks like you guys are really having fun together"

When Rong Che spoke, his voice sounded gentle and cheerful but Rong Yan was afraid, as he had not thought that his lie would have been exposed so quickly and hence, he was stunned.

Gu Xijiu did not expect that Rong Che would have helped her and so she was moved slightly by his actions. She smiled deep down as she continued to watch the show.