The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Would You Bother Me?

"Are you so eager to throw yourself at me?" He chuckled beside her ears.

Gu Xijiu angrily got out from his arms and sat back on her chair.

It was strange as she had been calm in public and was never alarmed by any given situation.

But when she was in front of this person, she had always reacted slow and always got into trouble

Was he a curse to her?

Gu Xijius face was flushed and she felt confused. She had to calm down to have better thoughts

Something was not right. She had only talked to the Firmament Stone that she suspected him as gay. How could Celestial Master Zuo know about it? Was the Firmament Stone the one who told him the secret?"

She looked at the Firmament Stone on her wrist suspiciously.

The Firmament Stone was strange too. Every time when she got near Di Fuyi, it would turn as silent as death.

When she sat down, Di Fuyi slowly went towards her, "Actually, there is another reason that I've chosen you. Do you want to know what it is?"


Di Fuyi looked at her and said, "Every woman in this continent has ulterior motives towards me. You are the only exceptional one who kept avoiding me, so I was very curious"

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "What a bad reason! You should marry someone you love, not someone you are just curious about!"

He was the exceptional one. There were so many people who loved him but he did not want to marry them, yet he chose the one who liked to run away whenever she saw him.

"You mentioned that I want to find a cover-up. Since I'm seeking that, I should find someone who would not bother me. What's more, I am curious about you and you are the one who requires the least effort."

Gu Xijiu said, "What do you mean by the least effort? Does that mean you can easily leave me in the future?" Did he mean if she did not love him, she would not be involved with him?

"Will you bother me?" Di Fuyi asked.

"Of course not!"

Di Fuyis eyes seemed to be dimmed. He said, "Thats right! It is better to get me to act with you than to get Rong Jialuo."

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

This man was really crafty and could actually figure out that she was acting with Rong Jialuo.

However, Rong Jialuo was a gentleman and would keep his promise. Even if she was engaged to him, she could easily get rid of him in the future.

But Celestial Master Zuo was not easy to get rid of and there were too many variables!

Unfortunately, this was not someone she could easily reject!

Anyway, it was just a temporary pain relief. Once she came out from the Dark Forest, she could change a new identity and did not have to care about all these matters that bothered her now.

When she was planning this in her mind, her hand was pulled by someone. She was not prepared for it thus she fell into his arms again!

She was shocked and when she was about to get up, he put his arm around her waist and his lips came close to her. He chuckled, "I know what you are planning. You are planning to change a new identity after you come out from the Dark Forest, am I right?"

Gu Xijiu wanted to push away his hand but when she heard what he said, she was stunned.


"I know everything about you" Di Fuyi continued to whisper into her ears, "And you know my tricks well enough. As long as I dont let go, you cant get rid of me no matter what. It will be the same regardless of how many identities you will change."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. He was a crazy man!

She took a deep breath and decided to talk to him calmly, "What do you want?"

"I want you to break out from the Dark Forest and use your own identity!"