The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Lifting Her Up 3

Gu Xietian was lost in his own thoughts when the question was raised, so he was quite taken back by the sudden accusation. He took a while to recall the incident. It all happened when he struck a hit at Gu Xijiu while trying to save his son.

His expression changed there was a slight remorse. "I didnt hit her deliberately. It was all in the moment of desperation."

"Desperation? What kind of desperation?" Di Fuyi tapped the table lightly, "What kind of desperate situation would make you decide to strike her so immediately?"

Gu Xietian stammered over his words, "It was"

"General Gu, what kind of atrocious crime had she committed, that had triggered you to sacrifice your ties of blood to righteousness and punish her together with the elders of Jiu Xing clan?" asked Di Fuyi, icily.

Gu Xijiu was surprised, too. In fact, she was hurt the day before yesterday, but as luck would have it, she happened to have with her the Gold-Inflicted Remedy, which was a very effective remedy. She felt so much better after taking the medicine. Otherwise, she would not have gone out to search for a new home with the company of Rong Jialuo. They even went for a tea afterwards.

After going back to her new home, she felt a little unsettled and short-tempered. She could even feel the rush of blood in her circulation, which was abnormal from her usual body condition. She examined herself and found out that the reverberation of the blood vessels was the root of the problem. Although it was not a big deal, she took another medicine to recover quickly.

Just yesterday, she took a rest for the entire day and she felt as if she was fully recovered. She never thought that Di Fuyi would expose everything just by taking her pulse.

She could feel a little pain at her wrist due to the tight grasp of Di Fuyi. She tried to pull her hand back but failed. Instead, she was given a stern look as a sign of warming. "Behave."

Gu Xijiu kept quiet about it.

Di Fuyi turned his look towards Gu Xietian who was already kneeling on the floor, "Do you want to speak for yourself, or do you want me to find it out by myself?"

Gu Xietian broke out in a cold sweat, as he knew clearly that once Di Fuyi became suspicious of something, nothing could ever escape his eyes and ears. He would definitely uncover it at its very core.

It would be better if he spoke for himself.

He steeled his heart and described the scenario.

Certainly, he could not repeat what every person had said on that day, so he roughly made a description with a broad outline.

He told that it was caused by some squabbles between the mother, the son and Gu Xijiu, thus provoking her to cause the fight. Within his words, he clarified again that he only meant to save the people and not to hurt anyone.

Silently, Di Fuyi listened to his words. He turned and looked at Rong Jialuo, "Did you have the Voice Recording Crane in your arms the other day? Come, play it in front of everyone. I was really curious about what the mother and son had said that would trigger the rage of my little Xijiu and make her try to kill her own brother."

Naturally, he called her his "Little Xijiu" out loud. That made her heart skip a beat.

She never thought that he would come forward and lift her up because of the incident. His kind gesture was somewhat heart-warming.

Rong Jialuo had still kept the Voice Recording Crane, so he played the voice recordings out loud in front of everyone.

The recording function of the Voice Recording Crane worked really well and the playback was excellent. All the voices remained as they were without the least difference.

It was so quiet in the hall that every single word from the playback voices of the Voice Recording Crane could clearly be heard by everyone.

The hall was filled with complacent words of Leng Xiangyu and intimidation of Gu Tianchao.

Once the playback was over, numerous people in the hall turned their attention to Gu Xietian there were taunts, astonishments, and disbeliefs.

On the outside, Leng Xiangyu always appeared to be accomplished and well-mannered. No one would have thought that she could be so vicious to her foster daughter. Her behavior was a complete disgrace.

Yet, Gu Xietian treasured her like a darling for so many years.

His face flushed bright red. He was so embarrassed that he desperately wished to drill a hole and hide from the world after being exposed with such a disgraceful family scandal.