The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Lifting Her Up 4

Di Fuyi held his tongue until he was finished with the playback. With a smile, he said, "Gu Xietian, let me ask you, how long had Gu Tianchao not seen Gu Xijiu?"

"Tianchao had just made it home about ten days ago and Xijiu had always been in her own retreat in isolation. They had only met each other the day before yesterday they hadnt seen each other for approximately half a year," explain Gu Xietian, panic-stricken.

"Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course! Both of them, brother and sister, had always been in peace without any conflicts, they got along quite well. Tianchao would always bring a gift to Xijiu every time he came home and she was quite attached to him as well. It was always a happy homecoming. The day before yesterday was just an accident. They were both acting on impulse at that very instant." Gu Xietian was doing his utmost to help his son get away by making his mistake sound less serious than it seemed.

Again, Di Fuyi smiled, "Since they hadn't seen each other for half a year, it seemed like Gu Tianchao didn't understand his sister well. He didn't know that she had thoroughly remolded herself into a new person. His perception of her remained as it was half a year ago."

He sounded casual as though engaged in a small talk. Gu Xietian did not grasp the intention behind his words, but hearing his words in a mild tone had calmed her jitters for a bit. He nodded and said, "That should be it. Tianchao had been spending most of his time in Jiu Xing Clan for the past six months and didnt come home for once. Xijiu was isolated in her retreat when he was back. He he even asked me a few days ago to know when Xijiu would come out from her isolation and he said that he actually missed her"

Di Fuyis face darkened at once. "Half a year ago, Xijius Spirit Power was still at level two. How could Gu Tianchao strike his sister with such a vital killer move at level four-and-a-half? He clearly wanted her dead! If it wasnt for her making such an impressive improvement with her Kung Fu within the past six months, the one who was dead that day wouldnt have been that women, itd be Xijiu! Gu Tianchao had behaved in a foolhardy manner he didnt just insult the follower of the Lord, he even wanted to kill her! He deserves a death penalty!"

His last sentence was raved angrily with a stern countenance, thus imposing great momentum. There was an abrupt drop in temperature in the hall full of people a cold shiver ran down their spines upon hearing his words.

Even the Emperor had shivered a little. He did not even dare let out a cough.

Gu Xietian did not realize that Celestial Master Zuo had been waiting for the chance to get him. His cold sweat broke out in a frenzy and he fell to his knees to repeatedly kowtow, "Celestial Master Zuo, my son my sons still young, he was only thoughtless in the moment and was only acting out of desperation"

"So we shouldnt investigate and affix the responsibility for killing someone out of sheer desperation?" Di Fiyus statement had completely shut him up.

Gu Xietian was speechless.

Di Fuyi ignored him and raised his hand to gesture.

Abruptly, Mu Feng appeared in the hall. He bowed and said, "What do you need me to do, master?"

"Please dispatch my order to Qian Yueran in Jiu Xing Clan, saying that Gu Tianchan had indeed insulted and planned to murder the follower of the Lord. Hell be executed immediately to warn others against following a bad example!" With an order, Di Fuyi had already sentenced Gu Tianchao to death.

Mu Feng answered swiftly and disappeared.

Gu Xietians face changed completely, "Celestial Master Zuo!"

Di Fuyi turned and looked at him, "Gu Xietian, you failed to distinguish between right and wrong, thus injuring the follower of the Lord and even intended to fool me. According to the laws of Starry Crescent Land, you should be punished with an equivalent to a death penalty! Making an allowance that you're Xijiu's father, I shall, therefore, spare your life. However, you're such a fool for only believing the one-sided story and putting Xijiu through great inconveniences in your residence. You neither cared to inquire nor to hear her situation. Such a heartless and muddled man, what makes you qualified to be her father? From now on, Xijiu will not be under your care; she'll have nothing to do with you anymore!"

Gu Xietians face turned pale white as she collapsed onto the floor.

When Gu Xijiu broke off all relations with him the day before yesterday, he felt a sense of guilt in his heart but was not alarmed.