The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 38

Chapter 38: You Are Finally Out Here

It was clear that Rong Jialuo respected Rong Che a lot as he immediately came out to greet Rong Che and had even helped him up from his knelt position. He spoke, "Eighth brother, you are finally here."

Rong Jialuo had arrived here earlier than Rong Che. He knew that he was together with Gu Xijiu and so he did not want to bother the two of them.

Apparently, the relationship between Rong Jialuo and Rong Che was much closer than what others perceived and therefore they simply started chatting, ignoring Rong Yan and the two Gu sisters.

Gu Tianyi and her sister were still kneeling with their heads facing down. As a member of the lower ranked society, such as the lower rank officers and public, they could not raise their head to look at the crown prince without permission.

However, her knees were getting painful being in that position and so she felt resentful towards Rong Jialuo. As Gu Tianyi was still young and simple-minded, she could not help but to cough once to remind him of their presence.

Rong Jialuo seemed to have just recalled that they were there and he immediately diverted his attention towards the two sisters and smirked, "Oh, so both of you are the sisters of the sixth daughter of the Gu family." He shifted his glance towards Rong Yan and asked, "And, you wanted to lie to me?!"

Rong Yan was angry and nervous at the same time. He kept denying the fact that he had lied to Rong Jialuo. As he was not as smart with words compared to Rong Che, his mind went blank and he could not come up with a suitable explanation.

Gu Tianqing was smarter and hence, she quickly replied in a soft voice, "Your Highness, please do forgive us. Both my sister and I were hanging out together when we came across His Highness coincidently. His Highness was afraid that it might have been dangerous for us to not have a gentleman around and so he decided to accompany us. After walking around for some time, we stumbled upon this auction house. My sister wanted to have a look inside even though we were against it. Eventually, we decided to follow her in as we were unable to convince her not to enter"

Rong Yan seemed to have just realized what was happening and he quickly nodded multiple times and said, "Yes, that was what happened"

The explanation that was given by Gu Tianying was surprisingly sensible. If only Rong Yan had explained it earlier, they might have been able to convince people into believing their story. However,

Rong Che snapped his fan on his palm and smiled when he spoke, "Oh, so this was what happened. It does not seem like a big deal to me, but why were you so nervous just now? Did you do something wrong, brother?"

"" Rong Yan was completely speechless. He had an urge to kick the eighth prince in the face.

He explained that it was because he had been too nervous and excited when he met His Highness that he simply answered the question without truly understanding its meaning.

Nonetheless, his reasoning did not convince them.

Rong Jialuo did not believe both the explanations that Rong Yan had given, though he did not point it out to him. When he was about to return to his room, he took an indifferent glance at Rong Yan and said, "If you say so Eighth brother, come with me,"

Even though Rong Yan was embarrassed and ashamed, he was relieved that he had not been convicted of lying to the crown prince. When he was prepared to leave with the two Gu sisters, the first floor, which had been noisy, had suddenly become very quiet!

Gu Xijiu took a peep downstairs by holding onto the guardrail and she saw that a group of boys in blue shirts had entered.

The boys were about eleven to twelve years old and every one of them had black hair, which had been tied up with a bamboo hairpin. Unbelievably, all of them were about the same height, were very good looking and were rather synchronized in terms of their movements. When they were moving, their blue shirts fluttered slightly, as if they were riding on a wave. It was a rather spectacular and pleasing scene to watch. Meanwhile, the atmosphere seemed to have been filled with the aroma of medicine, which was refreshing.

"The Tianwen saint The saint from the Tianwen clan is here!" Somebody whispered excitedly downstairs.

Gu Xijiu frowned as she knew about the Tianwen saint based on the memories of the original owner of her body.