The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Negotiation to Call Off the Engagement 4

The other one was at noon when the magnetic field was occupied with a positive aura as the dead ones could not easily transform into bad spirits. Therefore, most of the prisoners with great sin and hatred would be executed at this time and all their hatred and anger would disappear when the sunlight shone on it.

Two is the time before the dawn. It was a good time to execute the rich people and imperial officers as the sun was yet to shine on earth. Therefore, their souls could easily travel to Huangquan Road by avoiding the sunshine.

Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing were being executed before dawn broke. When the large blade of the executioner chopped off their heads, the blood did not spill out but gushed onto their prisoner's uniform...


The family of the dead prisoners could not hold a great funeral ceremony for them. They could only bring the corpses home and bury them with a simple coffin.

Those people were not allowed to be buried in their ancestral grave. Gu Xietian did not want to see the awful appearance of his daughter, hence, he got someone to collect her corpse and buried her together with Leng Xiangyu at the same place.

Both of them were ruthless people, hence, Gu Xietian assigned someone to guard their graves. However, all the guards left at nightfall.

He had gone for a drink at a bar in the valley and only returned after four hours.

He checked the graves and noticed there was something wrong with Gu Tianqings grave! It seemed like someone had dug up the soil.

However, he did not care and returned to his small porch.

Rong Yan did not get to be buried in the royal cemetery but a place surrounded by mountains and water. Someone was specially assigned to be the guard.

The guard was quite good at martial arts - he was a patrol leader. He was probably not happy to be assigned to guard a grave.

After nightfall, he kicked Rong Yan's grave for a few times and blamed Rong Yan for being the barricade to his future.

When he was kicking the grave again, he felt a soft wind blowing behind his head. He then fainted and collapsed to the ground.

He did not even realize how long he had been sleeping. It was already midnight when he woke up and he quickly jumped up to check his surroundings. Everything seemed fine and he did not even know how he fell asleep.

Subconsciously, he looked at Rong Yans grave. It seemed weird as though the soil had been dug and covered back again.

He was shocked and quickly opened the coffin to check. He was stunned as Rong Yans corpse had gone missing and only a set of clothes was left behind!

It was greatly sinful for a guard to lose the corpse! He might lose his head as well!

He definitely did not dare to spread the news. Since nobody knew about this, he secretly covered up the soil nicely as though nothing happened before he went back to sleep.

No one else was aware of the situation at hand except the two guards.


There was a stone-like house in the forest.

Inside, there were some strange and unique displays.

It had a lot of weird paintings on the wall, which looked like talismans.

There were two beds in the house with a man and a woman laying on them respectively in a uniform full of blood. They were Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing!

Beside them was a busy person with a black mask and big mantle. From the outfit, it was very difficult to tell whether that was a man or a woman.

A spell was dancing on the persons fingertip and occasionally tapped on Rong Yan and Gu Tianqings body.