The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 383

Chapter 383: Midnight Visit 2

However, it was too late for the injuries outbreak. She had no enough time to get the medicine from Jiuxing clan as she needed to go to the Dark Forest the next morning.

It seems like she needed to bear the pain in the Dark Forest.

She tried to initiate her internal force as she realized that the injuries did not actually affect her performance, however, she did feel the pain. It should be fine to bear with it until she escapes the Dark Forest.

She then meditated for a while and when she opened her eyes, it was already three o'clock in the morning!!

She needed to wake up and get ready at five o'clock! She decided to take a short nap. Initially, she thought she would not be able to sleep but she was wrong.

Suddenly, she smelled a familiar mild fragrance, interrupting her trail of emotions. She sensed that there was another person in the house; she tried to open her eyes to look but failed. No matter how hard she tried, she could not lift her eyelids up and soon fell asleep.

After all, she used to be an assassin. She was always half awake when she slept. In her dream, she could feel someone trying to carry her and her jaw was being forced to open. That person stuffed a bitter pill into her mouth.

She was alert even in her dreams. Subconsciously, she wanted to regurgitate but that person pressed her mouth shut to force the pill down her throat.


She cursed in her dream and wanted to dig out the pill.

She could hear a light laughter in her dream, which somewhat disgusted her, "Sweetheart, are you afraid of me poisoning you? Here, drink this!"

Her hands were locked and a solution dripped into her mouth.

Naturally, she wanted to puke but she could feel a soft and warm object pressing onto her lips and she was forced to swallow the solution.

She immediately felt a burning sensation in her stomach and her abdomen became even more painful. Even her chest was throbbing with pain...

She was in severe pain to the extent she needed to curl her body. However, someone was pressing against her and she was not able to do so.

"Be patient." A gentle voice whispered into her ear.

The scene was very familiar - Gu Xijiu thought she was having a nightmare and could not wake up.

Eventually, she fell asleep.

In her dream, she had returned to the modern world. She walked into a tea room...

In the tea room, there was a young man drinking tea. He had a pair of nice eyebrows and eyes. He looked charming and the scene was as beautiful as a painting.

"Sir Long Xi." She smiled and sat down in front of him. She was going to drink the tea he made for her but he suddenly held her hand, "Gosh! Youre injured!"

Gu Xijiu was stunned for short while, "Im fine, dont worry."

Long Xi twitched his lips and walked over, "Wheres the wound? Let me have a look."

"Im fine, its really just a minor injury." Her injury was below the ribs, so it was not that appropriate to show other people, "Ive checked just now, Im fine."

Long Xi looked at her, "Im a doctor, dont be afraid! You dont look good; it must be a serious injury. Let me have a look. Based on your posture, your injury must be just below your right ribs?"

She sighed, "I can never hide anything from you indeed" She obediently removed her top and showed him the wound.

Long Xi was shocked, "Look at this! Your ribs are cracked! I know youre just putting up a brave front, but the pain will linger forever if you dont get it treated properly."

He used his fingers to soothe her skin and adjusted her bones as he talked to her.