The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 39

Chapter 39: One Of The Kings Arms

The Tianwen saint was from one of the three clans that were well known throughout the land. Their disciples were mainly focused on practicing medicine and medical related skills; therefore, they were probably not well versed in martial arts though their medical skills were the best and the pills that they produced were rare products that every martial arts practitioner yearned for.

The overlord of the Tianwen clan had the title of medical immortal because he could heal any sickness regardless of its severity. There were rumors being spread that he could even perform some miracles such as dissecting the patients chest so that he could change their heart or using pointed tools to open up the human skull, while the patient was still conscious.

The Tianwen saint was his youngest and only female disciple and was therefore the masters favorite disciple. Though her medical skills were not as good as her Masters, she was very good at her trait and had cured many sophisticated diseases throughout her career as a disciple, which has made her very well known. She is also very beautiful and was therefore known as the Tianwen saint.

Gu Xijiu tapped on the handrail with her fingers boringly while she kept her gaze on the entrance of the auction house. She wanted to know how the legendary saint looked like.

It was not a disappointment. The Tianwen saint was indeed like a goddess and words could not describe her beauty. She was wearing a light blue dress, which felt light and looked as if it was floating on her skin. Her movements were graceful and elegant.

Gu Xijiu was shocked when she had finally clearly seen the face of the saint!

About 70% of her face was unimaginably like what Gu Xijius looked like in her previous life!

She was escorted by an imposing young man who looked like he was in his twenties. He was tall and strong while his face looked wild and overbearingly handsome. He was wearing a purple robe with a python embroidered onto it and was standing beside the Tianwen saint like he was her bodyguard.

Gu Xijiu was staring at the mans robe and wondered if he was a prince too.

She did not have to wait long for her answer as Rong Yan excitedly ran downstairs to greet the handsome man while declaring, "Fourth brother!"

Gu Xijiu finally knew the identity of the handsome man. He was the fourth prince of the Rong family - Rong Chu.

The king of the Tianxing Kingdom had many princes, but Rong Chu had the highest chance of competing with the crown prince.

His mother was currently the imperial concubine of Zhou, which was in favor with the king, and his family background was extremely reputable. His grandfather used to be a generalissimo of that led the army of the Feixing Kingdom. Though he had already retired, the power and reputation that had been bestowed upon his family was still strong and he had many loyal subordinates under him that held important positions in the army.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that half of Feixings armed forces were in the hands of the Zhou family. Furthermore, the king especially valued the Zhou family as if they were one of his own arms.

More than half of the ministers and officials working for the government were under the submission of the Zhou family.

Because of these connections, the fourth prince, Rong Chu, whose mother was the imperial concubine of Zhou, had enough power to take over the position as the crown prince.

Furthermore, Rong Chus had a very good personality and reputation too. He was a year younger than the current crown prince, Rong Jialuo, and was a genius at manipulating his spirit power. As he used to follow his grandfather to the battlefield, Rong Chu had acquired a good set of leadership skills. He was an expert at leading his troops into battle as well as strategizing war plans. It was said that the leaders and officials at the frontier were always willing to comply with him. Even the father of Gu Xijiu, Gu Xie Tian, sided the fourth prince and cared exceptionally for him.

On the other hand, Rong Jialuo was the son of the empress who had already passed away earlier. The empress did not have a strong family background and hence, if it were not for Rong Jialuos high IQ at a young age and exceptional ability at manipulating his spirit power, his position as crown prince would have been taken over by the fourth prince.

Nonetheless, Rong Jialuos position as the crown prince was not very stable. The government officials had no confidence in him and he did not receive much support from them. Besides, most of the other princes sided the fourth prince and kept their distance from Rong Jialuo.

Even Rong Yan, who was initially not in favor of the fourth prince, did not truly respect Rong Jialuo and the only reason he did so was because he had no choice. However, Rong Yan eventually took the side of the fourth prince as well when he had done a small favor for him.

As Rong Jialuo had shamed him just now, Rong Yan was excited to see Rong Chu and quickly led both him and the Tianwen saint upstairs.

Rong Chu soon found out from Rong Yan that the crown prince was here and hence, he laughed and said, "Your Highness, are you still here? Im here to pay my respects" before he arrived at the room of Rong Jialuo and simply strode in.

His laugh stopped abruptly and he quickly backed off a moment later with a respectful expression.

Rong Yan was surprised and he asked, "Fourth brother? Theres"

Rong Chu waved his hands to beckon him to shut up before he had managed to finish his sentence. The Tianwen saint frowned slightly and asked, "Your Highness? Theres"