The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Honey, So You Actually Like This 2

The young women in green said, "This time Miss Gu enters the Dark Forest with many secretly coveted to harm her. Therefore, it's good to have all the people driven out. Nobody can go into the forest now, even we can't enter and those who want to harm her can't either."

The women in red thought for a moment and when she raised her head, sternness flashed through her eyes, "That's right! We will temporarily guard outside to prevent anyone from harming Xijiu!"

"Yes, president!"


Gu Xijiu had done lots of preparation, but when she undoubtedly arrived at the third peak, she realized how terrible the place was!

Beasts and traps filled the area.

Though Rong Jialuo used to fight his way to the third peak earlier, he only managed to get to the edge and not the inner part of the third summit. Therefore, he could not have known that it would be so dangerous!

The ferocious blue wolf which could spray deadly water, a giant blue snake which could spray venomous mist, blue lizards crawling everywhere and even the rabbit could bite and spray toxic smoke while it was chasing too!

It seemed that only the hill with stones and pebbles where she landed, had lesser ferocious beasts.

While she was still in the sky, she had already memorized the topography of the third peak and below and had remembered the direction to the exit.

Nonetheless, when she had landed, she realized that her surroundings were the same! It was the same dense forest everywhere. She took out the compass she had prepared earlier, but she found out that the needle pointing towards the north was spinning in all directions due to the sophisticated magnetic field. Therefore, the compass was useless here!

Fortunately, she could identify her direction from the sun in the sky. Therefore, she immediately teleported herself towards the northwest.

Then, her nightmare began!

As soon as she first appeared, she met a group of blur tigers and almost stepped on one of the tigers head.

Because she was unfamiliar with the topography, she could only teleport herself towards the direction she could roughly guess.

She felt that it was not safe on the ground and landed on a big tree when she reappeared again. But before she could breathe, that big tree suddenly began shaking, and a bloody red gigantic hole was dehisced directly from the body of the tree which emitted a stinking smell.

What the fuck! It was not a tree at all; it was a giant python pretending to be a tree!

Therefore, Gu Xijiu immediately teleported again and then met with a two foraging blue bear. When Gu Xijiu reappeared, she almost got clawed by one of the bears!

Each time she appeared, she would meet one or more than one ferocious beast, and thus, she almost doubted if the beasts within this third peak were having a conference as their density was indeed too high!

Because she faced too many accidents while teleporting, she did not manage to take a breath, not to mention she could choose her direction!

The howling and chewing sounds of the ferocious beast were everywhere, and that sounded eerie.

She had run for half a day already, and the sky darkened unwittingly.

At night, while Gu Xijiu was standing on a big tree, staring towards the sky and then to the same and dark surrounding forest, she scolded the family of Di Fuyi within her heart again. She had berated everyone in his family, from his ancestor during the ape generation to the current era and also the future who had yet to be born!

This bastard seemed to be torturing here again!

Not only did he throw her from the sky but also towards the rest of the monsters!

Where he had thrown her was the place with the most number of monsters at the third peak!