The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 398

Chapter 398: What a Dummy!

Apparently, it wanted to attack her by surprise. If Gu Xijiu were not alert, she would be torn into two had she been struck by its tongue at her waist. Her cadaver would have been its food.

As the monster failed, it shrieked painfully. Then, it spiraled to the ground from the tree.

The atmosphere was now filled with a bloody smell, and Gu Xijiu knew that other ferocious beasts would rush here at any moment! Therefore, she was no longer safe!

Fortunately, she had already identified her next destination, and she immediately teleported. Less than 30 seconds after she left, the surroundings were full of odd sounds, and more than 10 ferocious beasts were coming out of the bushes from all direction. It was a feast.

That injured pangolin was eaten entirely. Even its numerous claws had been swallowed down by other beasts. Of course, those ferocious beasts were also biting and tearing at each other while trying to feast on the food. Some were even of the same species. They fought viciously and frantically that the trees nearby were trembling.

After a while, the place was a mess with bone remains scattered everywhere.

A young Confucian scholar suddenly appeared quietly. He turned around as if he was looking for something. In a moment, he found a piece of cloth which he put near to his nose to smell, and his eyebrows furrowed.

That little girl seemed to have taken a rest here and then headed southwest! That was the direction towards the fourth peak!

Was she doing it inadvertently? Or did she misunderstand the meaning of the compass bird?

Could an intelligent little girl make such a mistake!? What a dummy!

When he was about to turn, a giant snake which was coiling on top of a tree behind him suddenly attacked with its opened mouth!

That young man did not even turn his head when he attacked with a flash of light. The snake instantly turned into dust and dispersed in the air.


Gu Xijiu thought that the direction she chose was the right one! Because she kept teleporting towards that direction, the ferocious beasts in the forest were no longer as dense as before.

She managed to catch a breath upon her reappearance as no other beasts were chasing after her. The trees in the area were taller, and the gaps between the trees were wider compared to where she was earlier. There used to be lots of thorny bushes growing between the big trees which gave no space for her to land.

But those thorny bushes had already disappeared and were replaced by rugged rocks in grotesque shapes and weeds were not growing on them too.

When she was still in the sky, she had roughly measured the distance between the third peak and the second peak herself. It was about 40 km, and with her current speed, she would be able to escape the forest within four hours!

In a dense forest like this, she could not carelessly teleport because there were not only trees but also swamps that would drown anyone instantly. Moreover, there were Blackwater Bays and even bizarre blue flowers forest which was emitted a poisonous mist. Therefore, if she was not cautious and teleported to those places, it would be extremely difficult for her to get away.

To play safe, Gu Xijiu would scan through the environment before she teleported each time. Because of the darkness, she could only see up to a distance of about 500 meters. Therefore, she just teleported 500 meters each time.

In the dense forest, Gu Xijiu could not see the sky outside. Hence, she could only roughly estimate the time based on the number of breaths she took and thought that it should be around midnight by now.

She consumed some dried food and drank some water while calculating how long would she take to go out. Suddenly, she felt that her surroundings had become scarily quiet. The continuous howling sounds from the beasts earlier had now completely disappeared.