The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 400

Chapter 400: What a Dummy (Part 3)!

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips, wondering which monster in this Dark Forest she provoked. When there were no other alternatives than to face the fight, courage was the key to victory!

Besides, these creatures seemed to be able to predict her teleporting direction and could block her with a wall of poisonous liquid! Therefore, she could only fight with her most valiant effort for the time being!

"Do they have any weaknesses?" Gu Xijiu suddenly asked.

"No! It is said that it has no weaknesses! Run, master! Dont try to fight!" The Firmament Stone urged.

"Shut up!" Gu Xijiu sighed heavily as she would have run away if she could!

She focused her mind and tried to retaliate by utilizing the dead angle of the converging attacks by the two killer centipedes.

Sometimes, she tried shooting out some hidden weapons and at other times, she swung her sword mightily in order to identify their weaknesses and kill them.

In the fight, she had been using all her strength and external abilities, running and jumping around the two killer centipedes. She moved as fast as lightning that she would bedazzle any spectators.

However, the longer Gu Xijiu fought with them, the more exhausted and dizzy she felt. These two indeed had no weaknesses and were not afraid of poison too. Gu Xijiu had utilized various types of poisons such as poisonous needles, poisonous knives, poisonous mist, etc., but none were sufficient.

The killer centipedes eyes, nose, mouth, stomach, etc., were supposed to be soft. However, even though Gu Xijiu had tried to stab them, all her attacks were ineffective! When she swung her sword with her level four spiritual power, she could chop down a big tree. But now, she could not even chop off a small little scale on its body!

All she knew was that the poisonous liquid they released was fatal and the only shot she had was to utilize her swift body movements to make them shoot at each other. Despite her efforts, they were unafraid of the poisonous liquid as they were still safe and sound even though their partner shot them.

Gu Xijiu was lucky that she could teleport and could escape their attacks at the very last minute. If she did not have this ability, she would most likely have died under the converging attacks! There were plenty of close shaves at death where she could have been corroded like the surrounding trees.

"Master, they should be the monsters of fourth peak and above. Why are they here at the third peak now?" The Firmament Stone was puzzled.

How would she know? Or perhaps these creatures crossed the boundary! Now she had to fight desperately for her life. There is no way that she wanted to be stopped like this!

She had been dealing with these two creatures for almost two hours now and had gotten very tired. If the condition continued, she would die of exhaustion even if she dodged all the attacks of these two creatures. Hence, she would have to fight her way out even if she had to take risk!

While seeing the killer centipede shooting another poisonous fountain towards her, Gu Xijiu suddenly dodged but instead of retreating, she launched herself towards the poisonous spray. That killer centipede seemed to be shocked and quickly sucked all the poisonous liquid back in!

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu finally found an opportunity to escape, and she took it! She figured that though the poisonous liquid of these two killer centipedes was lethal, they did not want the poisonous liquid to be shot directly at her body so that their food would not melt and disappear. They were just trying to prevent her from escaping.

These two creatures were obviously clever and did not even reveal it during the fight.