The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Big Burden 3

The beasts from afar were squeezed towards the front while the rest at the front moved slightly backward. Gradually all the creatures were gathered together and craned their necks to watch the fight.

Gu Xijiu had her unique fighting style. It also seemed like she was not the opponent of the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede as she could always avoid the danger. Sometimes, she looked like she would be beaten down which made Si Chen worry about her.

The other Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede who was observing her to avoid her from fleeing started to get distracted by the long fight. It even opened its mouth widely and yawned.

It was the time now! Gu Xijiu attacked the toxic waterfall of the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede with her sword and prepared to perform her teleportation.

Suddenly, she heard a loud cry from Si Chen, "Help!"

It echoed and buzzed through the air around them.

Of course, it shocked Gu Xijiu too. Her finger quivered for a second, and the sword in her hand suddenly dropped!

It happened that the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede had opened its mouth and charged towards her at the time and the sword coincidently dropped directly into its throat.

The Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede screamed! The huge body that was flying in the air suddenly fell hard onto the ground. It rolled on the ground for a while and finally could not move anymore.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

All other beasts were stunned too.

If the Firmament Stone had eyes, it would want to rub its eyes too.

Was the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede killed? How was it possible?

It could even swallow a person with level seven spiritual power. How is it possible for a little girl with level four spiritual power to kill it? Was it a miracle?

Gu Xijiu was stunned too. She never expected that her sword had such a mighty strength.

She suspected that the sword had stabbed on the weak point of the Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede. She recalled that she had tried to stab its throat before, but nothing happened. How could it be so accurate this time?

She refocused herself and immediately turned to look at Si Chen as she wanted to know what happened to him since he shouted at a critical moment.

It was disastrous when she saw the scene.

Si Chen was standing on a large green stone and underneath the green boulder there lied a colorful deadly snake.

Apparently, the snake was trying to attack him, and he screamed while he killed the snake.

If Gu Xijiu successfully teleported just now, she would have run eight meters away and ultimately moved out of the encirclement of these beasts, but now she could not do that anymore!

She had accidentally killed a Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede and the other one was roaring crazily at the moment. After it screamed shrilly, it rushed quickly towards Gu Xijius direction.

The other beasts also received some commands and immediately scattered around to surround Gu Xijiu again. Even if she wanted to perform her teleportation, she could not run out away from the beasts too!

Gu Xijiu was exhausted at this time but still had to fight hard again.

It was another earth-shattering battle.

The previous Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipede still had some concerns when it fought with Gu Xijiu. It tried not to melt Gu Xijiu with the toxic waterfall but to swallow her directly into its stomach.

However, the current centipede just wanted revenge. It used a variety of techniques between toxic waterfalls and toxic gases to sweeping its tail at her, and even attacking her with its claws and so on.