The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Live Or Die Together 2

When Si Chen opened his eyes, he was shocked. His legs had shrunk, "What What are you doing?"

Gu Xijiu was still holding his leg without looking up, "Don't move! I am applying medicine on your wound. It is almost done."

Her head was facing down. He stared at her soft black hair and felt confused. She should not have been able to recognize him. He was only a stranger that she met twice. However, when he was hugging her arm, she did not seem to be resistant. Now, she even raised his pants and applied medicine for him without feeling awkward. Did she know that she was not supposed to have intimacy with a stranger?

Would she also be so defenseless if he was a different person?

His eyes were sharp, but the words he spoke were soft, "We are too intimate"

Gu Xijiu cleaned and wrapped his wound very quickly and finally put down his pants. She casually replied, "This is because of the urgency to heal your wound. Why would you care if I dont care about it?"

"How can you not care about it? The reputation of a girl is significant. I think I need to be responsible to you." Si Chen said.

Gu Xijiu immediately refused, "Please dont do that! If I want the guy to be responsible to me only because I have looked at the wound on his leg, then I will have to get married a thousand times!"

Si Chen was stunned a moment, "How many times have you seen a man's leg?"

"Numerous times. I could not recall anymore. Should be around 100 times." Gu Xijiu still replied casually.

Si Chen was speechless.

Gu Xijiu straightened her body and looked at his face for a moment, "It seems like the poison has been almost completely removed. There is probably a little bit left in your body which is why you still look a bit pale. It should be fine after half an hour when the medicine starts to be effective."

Si Chen remained silent for a moment. He stared at her, "You dont care about it?"

Gu Xijiu frowned and patted him on his shoulder, "Nothing to care about. Don't worry. I never treated you like a man so don't worry that I will ask you to be responsible to me."

Si Chen suddenly held her hand and pulled her over. Gu Xijiu directly fell into his arms. He looked down and wanted to kiss her! Before he could touch her lips, there was something on his neck. It was a knife. Gu Xijiu sounded as cold as the knife, "If you move again I will cut your neck wide open."

The knife was sharply piercing his skin. If he leaned forward, his neck would go. It seemed like she still had a bottom line and did not let other people take advantage of her.

Si Chen smiled, "This is how you treat your savior?"

"I am still repaying you for saving me. I can even lose my life for you, but that does not include letting you take advantage of me. If you still behave like this, I can't guarantee what I will do to you!" Gu Xijiu spoke the truth.

Si Chens eyes were slightly flashing. He paused for a moment and smiled. He then released her. He stepped backward and spoke, "Sorry that I have offended you." He was back to his scholarly attitude.

This girl was forthright and straightforward. He seemed to like her even more!

Gu Xijiu looked at him and wondered if he was testing her.

She stopped talking but turned around and went to deal with the two Six-eyes Spotted Killer Centipedes. The inner alchemy of centipedes contained an extremely rare medicinal herb. It was very refined since they have consumed more than 500 years of spiritual power practice.

Gu Xijiu felt that she had earned a lot this time.