The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 420

Chapter 420: The Devil Within 3

Gu Xijius heart skipped a beat. Before she could say anything, the one who looked like Di Fuyi in front of her suddenly changed his appearance and became a lump of pinkish flesh. Its shape was rather odd it slightly resembled the form of a freshly peeled mussel.

It was a bivalve with tentacles, and it was holding Gu Xijius hand in its bivalve (of aquatic invertebrate having a hinged double shell).

The touch was so soft and slurry that it made her hair stand on end. Its tentacle had a tremendous suction force which slowly dragged Gu Xijiu towards its mouth.

"Don't struggle unnecessarily, you've already given me your hand, that means you've given me your soul. You can never escape, just keep calm and be my food!" The lump of mussel spoke in a blend of man and woman's voice without telling apart whether it was young or aged. Its voice was indeed eerie.

Gu Xijiu tried to escape several times, but she could not retrieve her hand and free herself from its grasps. There was an intense pain in her every movement. Sweat could be seen all over her face. She watched as its mouth drew closer and closer. She gave it a go and decided to use her left hand to slice off her right hand that was stuck.

She would rather lose her hand than becoming a meal for this ugly lump of mussel.

Her strength was strong enough that a slice with her left hand was nothing less than a sharp knife. If she hit it well, her entire hand would be sliced off, and she would be able to escape.

"Hush," somehow there was a sudden wisp of raging winds. Gu Xijius left hand was in the midst of pain and numbness as she suddenly discharged her accumulated spiritual power.

Even though her left hand had struck her right arm, it was merely like a slap that had caused some pain rather than impairment.

Instead, the lump of mussel felt as though it was burned, so it jerked and let go of Gu Xijius hand. Gu Xijiu took the opportunity to lunge backward and escape the mussels control. She landed herself in a safe zone.

She looked again, only to see the mussel transforming into Di Fuyi again. With his fluttering robes, he said, "Little Xijiu, are you fine?"

Gu Xijiu burst into anger thinking how the mussel could believe that she would take the bait two times in a row.

She looked at him emotionlessly and waited for him to draw closer. When he was close enough, she hit him with a strike, "Di Fuyi, go to hell!"

She cast the strike in a full rage. Within the strike, it briefly carried the sound of wind and thunder. The strike was aimed directly at Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu realized that the view in front of her melted away quickly, like the melting snow in the spring.

A few moments later, she realized that she was still trapped in the cave there was neither a mushroom platform nor dark cloud. Everything she had experienced then was just an illusion. She was so captivated by the illusion that she almost lost her life.

She was enraged and got insanely angry at the thought of missing Si Chen. Her eyes were filled with an intense rage.

She looked around and found that the mussel was severely injured at the corner.

Its body seemed to have decreased several folds in size to approximately three feet long. It was lying there, shivering uncontrollably.

Its eyes met Gu Xijiu's gaze, and it was utterly frightening. Its body quickly shifted inside its shell.

Gu Xijiu would not let it go easily. She moved instantaneously and stepped on it with one foot. She held her sword and tried to pry open its shell, "Bastard, youd better spit my friend out!"

As expected, it must have swallowed Si Chen.

The mussel struggled for a while at her foot, but it could not escape. It was anxious, so it decided to transform again.

In the twinkling of an eye, Gu Xijiu could not see the mussel at her foot. Instead, it was Long Siye.

Gu Xijius hand trembled a little. At that moment, she could not bear to stab him.