The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 426

Chapter 426: This Little Girl Is A Unique One

She took out the mussel and asked, "Since you're so good at drilling holes, do you have any idea how to drill through the ground so that we can travel directly to the first peak?"

The mussel did not answer her question but tried its best to open its shell, and then a kid the size of a thumb came out from the mussel! He drooled as he was looking at the fruit in Gu Xijiu's hand, "Qi Feng fruit! I want to eat!"

Gu Xijiu looked at the green fruit in her hand.

She has heard about the Qifeng fruit; it was a scarce fruit. Although it did not taste nice, eating one was equivalent to giving the consumer one-year's worth of training for wind spiritual power. It was a treasure for the wind spiritual power practitioners.

Gu Xijiu did not know that the fruit she was eating was the one. It seems like the food which Di Fuyi stuffed into her storage bag was very precious.

The kid from the mussel was still waiting as he drooled. Gu Xijiu repeated what she said earlier as she threw the fruit into the air and caught it again, "This is yours if you could do it."

The kid was a bit depressed and finally took the deal, "You give me the fruit then I'll try."

Gu Xijiu was not a cheapskate person; she threw the fruit to the kid. He then lied on the fruit and then finished the fruit without leaving anything behind, not even the seed.

It then enlarged and opened its shells, "Come in, I'll try to bring you out." Gu Xijiu and Si Chen jumped into the mussel, and it closed the shells.

The gigantic mussel was about the size of a small house. However, it was only enough to fit two people inside. Gu Xijiu and Si Chen were sitting very closely in there, and she almost stepped on the tiny kid in the mussel. The kid quickly screamed, "Please sit closer, closer! It's too cramped already; I can't do my work!"

Si Chen hugged Gu Xijiu in his arms, and both of them cramped together, "How about this?"

"Acceptable." The kid blushed as he felt uneasy to watch them, "It will be great if you could be closer."

Gu Xijiu was speechless; she would have to join bodies with Si Chen if they had to sit closer.

The kid has finally begun to use its magic which caused the inner part of the mussel to shake as vigorously as magnitude eight earthquake. Gu Xijiu felt dizzy from the quake and Si Chen left his chin on her shoulder, "So dizzy."

An hour later, the shaking finally stopped, the kid in the mussel was gasping and opened the mussel's shell to sense the surrounding.

"How's it? Which peak are we at?" Gu Xijiu checked with him.

The kid continued to gasp for a short while and transformed its hands into an antenna. His antenna reached out of the shell and then shrunk again. He answered with excitement, "We have moved half a mile! I'll try harder after taking a break..."

Gu Xijiu was mad and speechless. She knew it! The mussel was not reliable! They only managed to travel half a mile after an hour, and it was already so exhausted. How could she rely on it to escape from the Dark Forest? Perhaps, she would need to wait for a decade!

She knocked on the shell and said firmly, "I want to get out from here!" Si Chen shook his head slightly behind Gu Xijiu as he knew they could not find any instant method to escape. Besides that, he could not help her either. However, this little girl was expecting the mussel to help her to escape in a single attempt, that was not a good idea.

Both of them came out from the shell. Gu Xijiu took a look at the surrounding and finally understood why the mussel moved so slowly. It was trying to open a pathway! It was basically creating an underground subway!