The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Warning From Di Fuyi 4

A tall and straight figure in a purple robe was seen standing with his robe fluttering along with the breeze. He had black loose hair, glimmering fox eye on his forehead and a mask on his face which exposed only his wonderful lips.

Another figure was seen in green, looking handsome, smart and imposing.

Dao Qingyang and his people used to see Celestial Master Zuo, Di Fuyi, albeit not speaking to him in close distance before, they were deeply impressed by his signature appearance. Furthermore, Mu Feng, the guardian of Fucang Palace was standing by his side!

Therefore, they could recognize him immediately!

As they did not expect to meet Celestial Master Zuo, they subconsciously knelt down to pay their respect, "Celestial Master Zuo."

Celestial Master Zuo nodded slightly but said nothing.

Mu Feng, who was by his side, asked instead, "What are you all doing here?"

Dao Qingyang was shocked as he thought what they were doing was indeed obvious.

He could not help but took a glance at Celestial Master Zuo and saw that he was slightly pursing his lips and smiled vaguely at him with his eyes, somewhat piercing.

Dao Qingyang shivered secretly as he always was afraid of Celestial Master Zuo.

Previously, when Celestial Master Zuo ordered him to kill his favorite disciple, Gu Tianchao, he was very unwilling but he still did it because he dared not go against his will.

However, he started to hate Celestial Master Zuo since then.

After he killed his disciple, he was unhappy and depressed.

Therefore, his seniors and juniors tried their best to cheer him up by inviting him out to hunt some beasts as mounts in the Dark Forest.

Dao Qingyang agreed to go with them because he knew that Gu Xijiu was going to fight her way out of the Dark Forest at this time.

Other than looking for a suitable ferocious beast as his mount, he had a filthy thought too. He wanted to kill Gu Xijiu secretly when she was alone in the Dark Forest to seek revenge on behalf of his disciple

So, he tried to accidentally enter the third peak but he failed because he was blocked by the Wizardry Barrier.

Helplessly, he could only focus on hunting together with his seniors and juniors. Though he managed to attain a few, he was not very satisfied and when he was about to give up, he saw the Wind Caller

The Wind Caller was known as the best mount and was as good as Long Siye's mount. Therefore, Dao Qingyang did not want to lose the opportunity and immediately started to besiege it together with his seniors and juniors.

Unfortunately, it was so stubborn that it was willing to die than to surrender. As he was unwilling to let the beast fall this easily into the hands of another, he wanted to kill it

But he did not expect that he would meet Celestial Master Zuo!

Accordingly, Celestial Master Zuo should have left after sending Gu Xijiu to the third peak. Why would he appear here?

Dao Qingyang was rather skeptical and harboured some doubt. He thus observed their movements while replying Mu Feng respectfully. However, as he was not familiar with Celestial Master Zuo, he could not recognize any weaknesses nor differences.

Mu Feng was straightforward, "Our celestial master wanted this Wind Caller for quite some time now but he doesnt allow it to surrender yet because he wanted to have it trained here. However, he didnt expect that all of you would besiege it today..."

As the other elders of Jiuxing clan respected Celestial Master Zuo, they apologized as soon as they heard what Mu Feng said.

Mu Feng did not question them further but requested them to leave quickly with the reason of "one who is not in the know, is not guilty".

As it was rare that Celestial Master Zuo was being kind today, they no longer dared to say anything else but wanted to leave as soon as they apologized again.

Nonetheless, Dao Qingyang suddenly bowed towards Celestial Master Zuo, "Celestial Master Zuo, Ive got a question and would like to ask for your advice. Would you help me?"

He had his doubts, while looking at Celestial Master Zuo.