The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 4

Gu Xijiu was slightly shocked, "Hold your breath, this smell is strange!"

After the mussel was stunned for a moment, its shell was opening and closing quickly, "Smelling so good! Ahhhsmelling good!" It flipped and wanted to rush towards the fragrance.

Si Chen stepped on it and said with a low voice, "Do you want to become food?"

The mussel seemed to be mesmerized and struggled beneath his foot, "Smelling good! I wanted to go up and eat"

Without further ado, Gu Xijiu waved her sleeve and a wind spiralled out, which circled the hole once before went out directly.

The wind brought the fragrance along with it out of the hole.

Like waking up from a dream, the mussel opened up its shell and looked around, "What had just happened?"

Si Chen got a rock and sat down, "Nothing, only that you almost became food."

The mussel, ""

Gu Xijiu inquired, "Was the fragrance released by the level eight beast to attract other beasts?"

Si Chen nodded, "Yes, a level eight beast requires a large amount of blood and food before hatching. So it will emit a strange fragrance to attract low level beasts to come forwards and die"

As though proving what Si Chen had said, a thunderous sound was heard from above, as if many beasts were rushing over.

Even Gu Xijiu and the rest could feel the tremor from underground.

"Would the windcaller be its food as well?" Gu Xijiu could not help but ask.

Si Chen did not say anything but just patted her hand.

As it was his first time facing such a condition, he did not know how.

Accordingly, the level eight beast would consume everything at a lower level, both human and beasts, within its surroundings before hatching. As the wind caller was a level five beast and was unable to move due to its severe injury, it was indeed ready-made food

The purple light above was enlarged again and was followed by various sounds of howling. Some were panicking, terrified, hopeless and struggled. Those sounds then gradually faded.

Obviously, those attracted level five beasts were absorbed by that egg as soon as they got closer.

Gu Xijiu was nervous as she knew the strength of those level five beasts. Besides, Dao Qingyang and his other seven people were fighting hard against the level five wind caller just now. From the sounds she heard, she knew that there were about seven beasts coming over but they were absorbed by the egg with just a blink of an eye. Therefore, she wondered how great would the egg be and what would be in the egg.

It was level eight beast, which she had not seen before!

"Little Cang, what do you think is in the egg?"

The Firmament Stone replied frankly, "I don't know as I don't have much information about level eight beasts. From what I know, only the uni-horn of Celestial Master Zuo was a level eight beast, while other heaven's gift disciples mount were either beasts of a level six or seven"

So level eight beasts were actually so rare!

Gu Xijiu felt an urge to check it out.

"Master, don't you attempt to conquer it. Only people with a spiritual level higher than a level nine can conquer the level eight beasts. They are proud, arrogant and would only surrender to those stronger than they are." The Firmament Stone discouraged.

Gu Xijiu was speechless, "Little Cang, cant you be more encouraging instead of being so discouraging?"

"Master, Im just telling the truth. Sigh, the truth is always unpleasant to the ears." The Firmament Stone sighed.

As soon as it finished its sentence, a purple light suddenly shone above them and something was seen descending from above!

It was falling towards Gu Xijius head!

"Watch out!" Si Chen waved his sleeve and the item that was radiating purple light turned around and fell askance instead of flying back out.