The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Do You Like Me a Little Bit More 6

Gu Xijiu kept holding her breath while staring at it. After all, it was much more difficult than winning a lottery or hitting the jackpot, to even witness the hatching process of a level eight beast. Therefore, she did not want to miss every single detail.

When she saw the little claw, she was startled as the shape was very similar to a tigers claw.

Would the level eight beast be a little tiger?

She was slightly disappointed but the tiger with purple fur was rare and thus, she perked up again.

As the beast managed to have one claw jutting out of the egg, it became easier to break the shell. With a continuous cracking sound, the egg shell was peeled piece by piece, revealing more and more parts of the body.

Its skin was purple with black patterns which resembled a tigers'. Therefore, it should be a tiger, without a doubt.

"Thud!" The egg could no longer dangle midway in the sky and dropped onto the ground. The egg was completely cracked, revealing the whole beast.

Gu Xijius eyes were wide open.

Whatwhat was this beast actually? An abnormal tiger?

The pattern on its body indeed looked like a tiger but it had nine tails on its rear end!

Although its face looked like a tiger, it was an animated version, with a fair, tender face and long eyelashes.

Its eyes were big and round, watery and pure, like those of a newborn baby.

The pair of eyes were staring at Gu Xijiu while its body struggled to stand up, but it was still too weak and fell down.

It tried again but fell again...

Gu Xijiu was shocked to see how a level eight beast could be so cute.

Seeing it falling down numerous time, she even wanted to help it.

But Si Chen pulled her back and lightly shook his head.

"Prrboo-hoo.." The beast moaned like a cat and looked at Gu Xijiu as if it was grieving yet proud.

Finally, it managed to stand up and staggered towards Gu Xijiu!

"Master, watch out!" The mussel which was standing by, was afraid if it would hurt Gu Xijiu. Therefore, its two shells held the a corner of her shirt, wanted to pull its master backwards.

Meanwhile, Si Chen waved his sleeve and a strong force was put on the mussel so that it could not move, "Be patient!"

He just uttered two words and calmed the excited mussel.

The beast staggered its way towards Gu Xijiu, put its nine tails down, raised its two front claws to pull her sleeves and kept purring as if it was a young cat seeing its own mom. Its pair of eyes was so clear that it could reflect the silhouette of a person.

Gu Xijiu remembered that some birds would recognize the first life-form it saw as soon as it hatched. As this little beast saw her soon after it hatched, would it have the same reaction as the other birds too?

The little beast no longer had its purple light and was looking so cute and harmless.

As the little beast had just hatched, it could not stand stably. Slight movements of Gu Xijiu actually made it fall down again.

The little beast was lying on the ground with its face facing upwards while its pair of large eyes was staring at Gu Xijiu, blinking as if it wanted to cry. Gu Xijiu used to have a cat in her previous life and it was the cute Ragdoll which liked to act affectionate in front of her. Therefore, seeing this little beast, Gu Xijiu could not help but reminisce her Ragdoll and squatted down to stroke it.

The mussel was nervous, "Master, dont touch it!"

Nonetheless, before it could finish its sentence, Gu Xijiu had lifted it in her arms.