The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Everything Was Transient


"I had my doubts for a while now but it had just been confirmed."

"Why didnt you expose me?" Si Chen eyes grew sterner.

Gu Xijiu was shocked when he was asked the question.

Was it because she craved for his warmth?

Or was it because she felt that he was too unpredictable that he must have his own reasons for doing this? Would it bring harm rather than good if she had exposed him?

Or deep in her heart, she felt that he liked herself and became someone else to accompany her because he was worried about her safety?

Actually, when she found out his real identity, her heart skipped a few beats and she felt warm at that very moment.

But his stern question actually choked her as if he was scolding her.

Was it also her fault for not expose him?

"Why should I expose you?" Gu Xijiu though had a rough wave induced within her heart, she still looked steady and even laughed, "Celestial Master Zuo, you always do things unpredictably. Therefore, you must have your own reason for doing it and I dont think it is good to reveal your identity just like that."

Si Chen laughed and sighed, "Yes, you dont have any reason to expose me indeed because you still hope that I can protect and assist you to escape the Dark Forest, right?"

His voice was soft but his words were as sharp as a blade.

Gu Xijiu was shocked again, "Whatwhat nonsense are you talking about?"

"Little Xijiu, only you dare to doubt Celestial Master Zuo. It seemed that I really inadvertently gave you many special rights that you are unable to recognize your own identity clearly now." Si Chen casted a spell and colorful lights surrounded him. And as the colorful light vanished, Si Chen had disappeared, but Di Fuyi in a purple robe appeared before her instead.

Gu Xijiu took a step backward and her face turned slightly pale but she laughed, "I always knew my identity and I know that we are as different as heaven and earth. I apologize if I had offended you." And she bowed with respect.

Di Fuyi, ""

Gu Xijiu spoke again, "Also, I just confirmed that you are Celestial Master Zuo and Im sorry for not revealing your identity in time. If I were to face similar problems in the future again, Ill definitely reveal it as soon as possible. But I have to clarify that I have never hoped that you will come and protect me. Before I could recognize you, I have never thought of putting Si Chen aside even when I thought that he was a burden. I just felt that I owed it to him, thus I should bring him out of the Dark Forest safely. I just didnt think that Si Chen was actually you, who didn't need my help at all. Im sorry for being silly."

She looked downwards and spoke politely.

Di Fuyi's eyes looked hurt while staring at her for a moment. Then, he said indifferently, "I definitely have my own reason for doing this. Gu Xijiu, do you know what punishment you would receive for egging someone to impersonate Celestial Master Zuo?"

He even wanted to haggle over this matter?

Even if she had let him to impersonate Celestial Master Zuo, he was indeed genuine. Furthermore, did he not cooperate too?

Gu Xijiu looked at him but said nothing.

Her pair of large eyes were as clear as a lake and she seemed to be able to see through someone.

Di Fuyi did not even look at her but just went on, "According to the rules of Starry Crescent Land, anyone who impersonates the identity of a heaven's gift disciple, not to mention the identity of Celestial Master Zuo, will be subjected to the Carriage Cracking Punishment!"

Gu Xijius heart, which was touched, was gradually sinking into the deep lake. She pursed her lips, "So?"

He became Si Chen and stayed by her side not to protect her but to trouble her?