The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Everything Was Transient 2

Her heart was rather tight, painful and stuffy for reasons she could not comprehend.

Di Fuyi finally met her eyes which were as clear as a lake, "Though you allowed someone to impersonate, I was actually impersonating myself. Therefore, it doesn't count as impersonation! Ill set you free this time. Butonly this time!"

"Yes, thank you." She gave thanks.

Di Fuyi seemed to be shocked to see her attitude. He suddenly shifted his focus away and said indifferently, "Im here not to save you but to examine your mind and qualities. Though your physique was special, fortunately you are hardworking and clever. After some time, youll definitely be great."

His tone was completely formal and also sounded like the advice from an elder to a junior.

Gu Xijiu looked downwards and smiled, "Thank you for approving me, Ill work harder not to disappoint you."

Their conversation was actually very common but Di Fuyis heart seemed to be pricked. His eyes showed pain again but his expression was very calm. He slightly nodded, "Thats good. Gu Xijiu, do what you need to do." With a turn, he disappeared in a flash.


The breeze blew through the branches and rustled. Gu Xijiu was standing alone and of course, with the mussel in tow.

The wind caller was still staring at Gu Xijiu's wrist where Lu Wu held on with its nine tails as it was sleeping and drooling.

As Lu Wu absorbed many foods before hatching, there were many skeletons scattered around, hence, the scene appeared to be rather desolated.

Gu Xijiu was supposed to be delighted as she managed to conquer the mussel and the level eight beast but she felt that she was in bad mood and was depressed because of the argument with Di Fuyi.

"He was indeed insane! He didnt want to let you go just now and turned hostile the very next minute!" The Firmament Stone could not hold back and started complaining.

Gu Xijiu was in a trance that she did not hear the Firmament Stone.

"Oh yes, master, did you really see the sky outside?" The mussel asked.

"Of course, Im not blind after all!"

"But, master, I didnt see it. I tried my best to see but I couldnt see what you described."

Gu Xijiu subconsciously looked upwards, but the sky was as black as usual, even a single ray of light could not be seen at all, nevermind the blue sky and white clouds.

She immediately asked the Firmament Stone on her wrist. It held its breath for a moment before it replied, "Master, did you blurt out the wrong thing accidentally just now? The sky had always been dark and we are not able to see the sky outside from this Dark Forest."

Gu Xijiu, ""

Was she the only one who could see it?

She looked up again but she could no longer see the strange scene again. She rubbed her forehead and seriously doubted whether she actually imagined it just now, wondering if it would it be the after-effect of fighting against the mussel for a long period of time?

She uncertainly questioned the mussel, "Would there be any consequences after entering your illusion? For example, the illusion which happens occasionally and etcetera."

The mussel was rather sorry, "Master, I seriously dont know. Those who Ive confused with my illusion, have been eaten apart from you, master. Therefore, they wouldnt have any consequences."

Gu Xijiu, ""

The Firmament Stone seemed to have a thought, "Master, would it be that Celestial Master Zuo left angrily because you bamboozled him too much? Maybe he thinks that you were bluffing? But how could he be like this? It's not a big deal to say that you are looking at the sunny weather, isn't it? Furthermore, it's also considered romantic..."