The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 450

Chapter 450: Everything Was Transient 5

Gu Xijiu did not say anything and let the mother and the child connect with each other.

The Wind Caller was probably afraid if Gu Xijiu would blame it, as it came to please her after gaving the fruit to Lu Wu.

Gu Xijiu patted it on its head and did not blame it.

As she was still hungry and did not want to eat those fruits covered with the saliva of mussel, she decided to hunt after some thoughts.

With Lu Wu and the mussel by her side, only careless beasts would face their fate while the rest would escape from a distance.

Therefore, she had some time to grill some meat to eat.

She hunted a deer in the forest. Of course, there were barely any herbivores in the Dark Forest and this deer was also an extremely ferocious one, with a mouth full of fangs.

It initially wanted to eat Gu Xijiu but she was not ignorant and fought for a few rounds. When they were engaging in a fierce fight, Lu Wu heard them and rushed over.

Gu Xijiu only managed to say, "Dont suck its meat!" while Lu Wu had already jumped up onto the back of the ferocious deer.

It wanted to suck from its neck but as it dared not violate Gu Xijiu's instructions, it slapped on the deer head with its claw.

The ferocious deer died immediately as if struck by lightning.

Under its little claw, the life of level four beast was as fragile as a cucumber.

Gu Xijiu was impressed with the ability of the level eight newborn beast while pulling the deer back.

The fire was lit up and Gu Xijiu was grilling the deer meat while sitting by the bonfire, accompanied by the mussel, Lu Wu and the Wind Caller.

Gu Xijiu was skillful in grilling, thus the mussel began to drool when the deer was only half cooked.

Lu Wu also stood up.

The deer meat was cooked gradually and Gu Xijiu only had half of the leg while Lu Wu had the toughest and most chewy meat on the deer spine. Meanwhile, the rest was eaten by the mussel and the Wind Caller.

As the Wind Caller was still injured, it could not eat much. Only the mussel, the typical gourmand, finished two-thirds of the deer!

If the mussel was rather unwilling to made a covenant with Gu Xijiu in the beginning, it was completely willing now.

The meat its master grilled was too delicious! Much more delicious than any of the other meat it had ever eaten!

As a result, both Lu Wu and the mussel no longer enjoyed raw meat but favoured hunting instead, so that she would grill for them.

Of course, this was what happened later.

Gu Xijiu roughly calculated the time and realized that it was late at night already.

After she entered the Dark Forest, she had not slept at all but only travelled and fought. If the fruits did not have special effects that could not only satisfy her hunger but also suppress her tiredness, she would have collapsed.

Now she yearned for a rest but as her sleeping bag and tent had been confiscated by Di Fuyi, she could only rest on the cobblestone.

While she was worrying what to do on the bare cobblestone, the Wind Caller suddenly patted the ground with its hoof and a bluestone appeared from nowhere. The bluestone was very flat and had soft grass growing on top, which felt like a mattress upon stepping on it.

Gu Xijiu did not expect that it would have such an ability and was so happy that she complimented it. Then, she laid on the soft grass and ordered the mussel to watch the night by her side.

She actually did not want to sleep but only take a nap. But she was too tired that she was fast asleep.

The mussel was not very dependable as it also enjoyed sleeping after a meal. Therefore, it watched the night for only an hour and ordered the Wind Caller to take over its duty.