The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 454

Chapter 454: Everything Was Transient 9

When it wanted to run away, it was already too late.

It could only fight hard. It still had some ability to fight or else it would not be able to put up a decent fight with Dao Qingyang for so long.

However, the two poisonous corpses in front were too fierce. The poison issued by their claws were harmful to it too. In just a while, it experienced dizziness and its body had stiffened.

When it thought that it was going to be killed by the claws of the two poisonous corpses, a shadow appeared at lightning speed with a sword and strong spiritual power. The two corpses were scared off and took two steps back.

It was its owner!

Its owner had come to save it!

Its owner did not leave it alone, but had risked her life to come back and save it!

The closing desperate eyes of the Wind Caller had suddenly brightened up again!

"Only the brave will win in such a dangerous situation! Either we fight or we die! The Wind Caller, the spiritual beast that follows me must be brave!" Gu Xijiu's voice resounded beside it, "If you want to be alive, you must only fight to the end!"

Suddenly the Wind Caller was motivated and became energetic! It wailed and was ready to fight.

Lu Wu also opened its big eyes and stared at the two poisonous corpses while grabbing its paws tightly.

As for the big mussel, it was a doer. It immediately transformed into the size of a small house and opened its shell to attack the two poisonous corpses in an instant!

The two beasts, a big mussel, and Gu Xijiu started to attack the two poisonous corpses.

During the fight, Gu Xijiu arranged a fighting strategy according to their respective strengths.

Gu Xijiu was an expert in commanding. Everyone could play with their strength under the variants arranged by her. With such an array, the combat power had increased by several times!

The clipping attack by the big mussel was very powerful. Its two shells were invincible. The poisonous fingernails of the two corpses were as hard as stone. However, there was once where Gu Tianqings fingernails were cut off by the shell of big mussel when she tried to attack the gap between the two shells. Not only her fingernails but one of her arms were ripped off by the big mussel too

The big mussel had a grand achievement. It was proud and tried to show off to Gu Xijiu, "Master, I have broken her arm"

Before it could finish the sentence, it fainted.

It had inhaled the poison from her arm.

The big mussel was the main force of Gu Xijius team. When it fainted due to the poison, the strength of Gu Xijius team immediately weakened.

Gu Tianqing who lost an arm not only did not lose her combat power but became even more violent. She was fiercer than before and rushed towards Gu Xijiu.

The worst thing was that her broken arm could regenerate rapidly. Gu Xijiu saw that her arm was growing out again in only a short period of time

If the arm could be regenerated, did it mean the head could be reproduced if broken?

Gu Xijiu re-adjusted her strategy again and finally, she was able to cut Rong Yan's neck.

In normal circumstances, her sword could cut through iron. However, Rong Yans neck was too hard and even harder than a golden diamond. When the sword sliced the neck, dark black blood gushed out and the sword actually corroded as though it had came in contact with strong sulphuric acid

Rong Yans neck was half cut but he was even more ferocious and rushed towards Gu Xijiu crazily.

Gu Xijiu had no weapons in her hand anymore and she was attacked by the two corpses at the same time. She could not dodge on time and her shoulder was accidentally cut by Gu Tianqings nail!

It was not a serious cut but the poison on the nail was very strong. In just a second, Gu Xijius shoulder had become numb and her arm had stiffed. Rong Yan was coming to her and she could not run. She closed her eyes when she saw that Rong Yans claw was approaching near her.

She thought that she was going to perish here today.