The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 457

Chapter 457: Through Thick And Thin 2

Long Siye was aware of it too, he immediately said, "Xijiu, leave quickly!"

Gu Xijiu did not say much. She picked up the big mussel and went on the Wind Caller's back. She lowered her body and whispered beside it.

The Wind Caller immediately ran towards the Bone Dissolving Stream.

As the two poisonous corpses seemed to notice that Gu Xijiu had run away, they roared loudly and wanted to rush towards her direction. However, they were stopped by Long Siye and could not go over to her.

Gu Xijiu did not look back. While the Wind Caller was running, she quickly performed her teleportation.

When she reappeared again, she was already opposite the riverbank. Then, she rode on the Wind Caller and rushed towards the jungle and finally disappeared.

Throughout the process, she did not look back again.

Long Siye was pale and her thin lips had lost its color.

He remembered that in the past, as long as they were experiencing adventures together, they would face all difficulties together. The more dangerous the situation was, the more she was unwilling to leave. Even if he instructed her, she would not leave him alone. She would rather be punished after the incident than to leave him alone. Her favorite quote at the time was, "You can either kill me or leave first!" He was angry but was unable to do anything.

The time when she was executing a task with him, as long as he did not ask her to go, she would be very understandable and always be cooperative. But now

He was absent-minded for a while and his arm was accidentally cut by the poisonous nails.

Fortunately, Long Siye had taken the antibiotic in advance, so he would not be hurt by the poisonous nail but only stiffen up for a moment.

However, this short moment almost took his life away. His head almost got hit by Gu Tianqing's claws!

He could barely avoid the attack but it had hit him on his shoulder. Gu Tianqing's sharp nails of Gu Tianqing dug into his shoulder and almost ripped off his bone!

He staggered slightly and his face became very pale as he was injured too.

He bit his teeth and took out Gu Tianqing's claws from his shoulder. However, the poison had already started working in his body so his legs were stiff until he had to kneel down on the ground.

Rong Yans eyes were red and he extended his claws to Long Siyes head.

Long Siye could smell the bloody odor approaching him so he quickly rolled away to dodge the attack and immediately played his sword to cut Rong Yans arm.

However, he was injured too heavily so the spiritual power did not play to the fullest. The sword did not cut through the arm but just on the skin. Instead, the blood spurted out from Rong Yan spattered on Long Siye's body

Rong Yan's eyes were red. The arm that was not cut was trying to catch Long Siye's head and Long Siye had not enough energy to dodge it anymore

"Shuaaaa!" A lightning appeared and blocked Long Siye. Rong Yans black nails dug into the lightning and a sharp sound ensued.

Long Siye was already half-dazed. When he saw the lightning, he was suddenly awaken and he turned his head back. He saw that Gu Xijiu had teleported back and the lightning came from her sword.

"Xijiu!" He cried and exclaimed with mixed feelings.

Gu Xijiu did not look at him but flashed and disappeared.

These two poisonous corpses were coming to her so when she was back, they shifted their target to her again.

Long Siye was now temporarily safe. He woke up and sat on the ground. He immediately took an antidote and after a while, the poison in his body was soon cured

He quickly jumped up and joined the fight again.

They had been very well coordinated in the past when he cooperated with Gu Xijiu in battle. However, they were using a modern weapon back in the day, but now they were using spiritual powers instead.