The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 458

Chapter 458: Through Thick And Thin 3

The method that Gu Xijiu used had come from the books given by The Lord, whilst the method that Long Siye used was the heaven's gift.

Gu Xijiu had the fire and wind element in her spiritual power, with the latter being the main element.

On the other hand, Long Siye had the wood and fire element in his spiritual power, with the former as the main. However, the fire element in him was not weak too.

This was the first time both of them teamed up to fight against the enemy. At first, they were still not well-coordinated. However, as time passed, both of them developed a basic understanding of each other's tactics. Therefore, subconsciously, they started to play around with their power by coordinating with each other.

Long Siye switched his spiritual power to fire as the main element naturally and Gu Xijiu would use her wind power to expedite the fire. It immediately made the power of the fire intensify by several times.

The fire ignited by Long Siye was not an ordinary fire, but one started by spiritual power. When it was intensified by Gu Xijiu's wind power, the fire became a very powerful spiritual fire.

The two poisonous corpses were not afraid of ordinary fire, only this spiritual fire. They were unable to get close to Gu Xijiu when blocked by the fire.

Gu Xijiu and Long Siye could finally relax for a bit.

"Why do you come back?" Long Siye could not help but ask Gu Xijiu during the fight.

Gu Xijiu did not answer him. She immediately said, "Look at my hand gestures and ignite another Fire Phoenix Tactic " Gu Xijiu quickly assigned a tactic to combat.

"Okay!" Long Siye nodded.

Both of them crossed each other and Gu Xijiu feigned falling down to the ground. The two poisonous corpses immediately rushed to her!

Gu Xijiu gestured to Long Siye and he quickly released the Fire Phoenix Tactic. When the fire was ignited, Gu Xijiu shot a bloody spell into the fire and immediately cast a Wind Cracker Tactic !

The fire spread too far with the help of the wind. In the fire, there was a golden spell shining and had trapped the two poisonous corpses inside it.

Finally, the two corpses released a harsh scream.

The big mussel that was watching at the side was too excited and shouted, "Master, it is working! This is good!"

The two poisonous corpses inside were burnt from their arms to their legs. They were struggling, but could not escape from the blaze.


After 15 minutes, finally, the fire slowly subsided. The two poisonous corpses had melted, with not a single trance of remnant in the fire.

Long Siye sat on the ground and was drenched in sweat. His face was terribly pale.

The Fire Phoenix Tactic consumed a lot of his spiritual power but fortunately, the poisonous corpses had been killed and the crisis was finally over.

Gu Xiju also sat on some pebbles to rest. She consumed a lot of energy to cast the Wind Cracker Tactic to the fullest. Now, she was exhausted and weak. After the crisis was over and done with, she could not even lift her finger up.

On the other hand, the big mussel seemed to be very energetic. It was very exciting, "Master, this person is the perfect match for you. If there happened to be even the slightest mistake during the coordination, the two corpses would never be trapped in the fire. I have never seen such a perfect match before"

The big mussel had eaten a lot of people when it was at the fifth peak. All the victims it ate were masters in martial art and most of them came in a gang of friends. However, when those people cooperated to fight they were not well-coordinated. The big mussel was an expert in this area thus it could easily tell if it was an efficient cooperation.

It did not filter its words when it spoke. So Long Siyes eyes slightly lit up and looked at Gu Xijiu.

However, Gu Xijiu was now closing her eyes, deep in meditation as though she did not hear the words of the big mussel.

Long Siye was a bit disappointed. He took out a pill from his robe and handed it to her, "Xijiu, eat this and your spiritual power will be replenished faster."

Gu Xijiu did not accept it. She did not even open her eyes.

Long Siye felt a bit awkward. He withdrew his hand and when he turned around he saw the baby inside the big mussel eyeing him.