The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Through Thick And Thin 6

Although she had asked the big mussel to shut up, there were numerous thoughts in her mind and she could not concentrate during meditation.

She took a deep breath and told herself, "Gu Xijiu, you don't have to think so much. This person has nothing to do with you anymore. Since you have decided to live on your own in this life, you don't have to think of all these insignificant people and matters anymore!"

She stood up and jumped on the Wind Caller's back, "Let's go!"


It was a smooth journey for Gu Xijiu as she was leaving the Dark Forest, as she did not meet any obstacles anymore.

However, she was quite surprised that she did not encounter any ambush outside the Dark Forest. It was a sunny and windy day and the air was fresh.

During the few days inside the Dark Forest, the air was almost stagnant with a dark, damp atmosphere. She had not seen the sun for many days.

When she saw the sun once in the fourth peak, Si Chen who was transformed by Di Fuyi suddenly said something weird and ran away.

And after Di Fuyi left the Dark Forest, it was back to its original state without the chance to see the clear sky anymore.

Finally, she could see the sun again now. When she was inhaling the fresh air, she could feel her lung expanding comfortably and the air stuck in her chest had been released too.

She stood outside the Dark Forest and stretched for a while.

Finally, she had emerged from the forest!

It was one day earlier than the day specified by Di Fuyi.

"Tweet tweet" A colorful bird flew over to the top of her head before vanishing.

Gu Xijiu glanced at the bird and did not care too much about it. She stroked the Wind Callers fur. It was the first time the Wind Caller had come out of the Dark Forest. It was a bit excited but nervous too. Gu Xijiu could sense its tension, "Whats wrong? Are you nervous?"

Wind Caller nodded and used its head to rub her hand.

It had been very loyal to Gu Xijiu after she had saved it from the claws of the two poisonous corpses.

It was really tense, that the mane on its head could be seen trembling.

There were a lot of humans outside the Dark Forest and human always liked to hunt them

Gu Xijiu laughed, "Dont worry. This world is not as terrible as you think. You have me to protect you."

Her laughter was cool and bright. It had the power to calm people down. The Wind Caller rubbed against her again and finally, it was not trembling anymore.

Gu Xijiu rode on the Wind Caller and went down the hill at a fast pace. Under the hill, she saw a large tea stall.

The tea stall was not small. It was about five acres in size. When she saw it from a distance, it almost accounted for a big piece of the hillside.

Gu Xijiu frowned and reined the Wind Caller. Although it was already outside the Dark Forest, it was still a quiet place with almost no civilization. What was the purpose of building such a large tea stall over here?

Did they want to sell tea to beasts?

There must be something unusual. Gu Xijiu saw that there were curtains dropping down from the stall and she could not see the interior clearly. She grabbed the sword in her hand tightly.

The curtains hung on the stall were very clean and it looked like it was made of high-quality silk.

It was very quiet inside the tea stall. It seemed like it was abandoned by someone. However, Gu Xijiu could see the silver bells that were hanging at the four corners. When the wind blew, the bells would ring sharply.

She looked at the forest behind the tea stall.

The forest was also very quiet, but she could feel some movement inside it.

Could there be an ambush?

Gu Xijiu wondered.

She was not surprised if there was an ambush. However, it did not make sense to build such a big tea stall to ambush her.

Although she had been very thirsty, she refused to go into this creepy tea stall.