The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Gu Xijius Qualification 4

The Emperor feared that she, as a follower of The Lord, would be drawn over to another kingdom, so he did what he could to remain here in the homeland.

Xingyi Hall was indeed the best school in Feixing Kingdom. However, it was meant to serve the Feixing Kingdom and to nurture elites for the kingdom.

It was heard that the management followed a military routine, as they even had to chant the slogans loudly every day, as though brainwashed.

If she went on to learn in there, she could only stay in Feixing Kingdom. There would be no place left for her to go.

Even if she went to another kingdom, she would be guarded against, like a spy.

According to the legend, The Lord established Tianju Hall a few hundred years ago. All the recruits were the best elites in the entire continent. Even the teachers were selected from each country, so it was definitely a great school. The graduates from the school could easily dominate the whole continent.

Xingyi Hall compared to Tianju Hall was akin to comparing a second-class local high school with a worlds first-class prestigious school it was incomparable.

Gu Xijiu looked at Rong Jialuo and Rong Che. Rong Jialuo frowned, not saying a word. Rong Che, on the other hand, remained silent while waving his fan. However, there was a mixed sign of bitterness and disapproval in his eyes.

Obviously, Rong Jialuo and Rong Che were not informed about this beforehand. They had clearly realized the intention behind the Emperors plan. They just did not unravel it.

The Firmament Stone was anxious, too. "Master, I think its most suitable that you enter Tianju Hall, as there wont be much to be worried about. However, the standard is too high for us to get in. Perhaps Celestial Master Zuo has other ways, but youve just broken off your engagement with him. He even left you alone in the Dark Forest and ran away like mad. Even if you beg him, he wont necessarily help you out. Moreover, this requires three recommendations from three heaven's gift disciples. Perhaps Long Siye will help you. Celestial Master You is an uncertainty. Itd be great if Celestial Master Zuo didnt make things even more difficult for you. As for Hua Wuyan and Qian Yueran, youre not very familiar with them, so theyre definitely hopeless."

"What about The Lord?" asked Gu Xijiu, all of a sudden.

"If The Lord recommends you personally then it'll be fine, but but, you haven't even seen the face of The Lord, have you? How do you beg for help? I heard that it's difficult to see The Lord, even the five heaven's gift disciple had to queue for years just to see him."

"Xijiu, what do you think?" asked the Emperor, as he could not refrain himself from asking after seeing Gu Xijiu so quiet with her head down.

"Miss Gu, the admission to Xingyi Hall in our country is extremely difficult as well. If it wasnt for the Emperor writing the recommendation letter personally, you wouldnt be able to enter the school."

"Exactly, its a kind gesture from the Emperor."

One after another, the officials began to talk and chimed in with the Emperor. Some opinions varied.

The main intention was to make Gu Xijiu think that her admission to Xingyi Hall was an honorable, accumulated virtue from her previous lives. She would be considered as ungrateful for refusing what was good for her.

Gu Xijiu frowned and as she was about to say something, the eunuch from outside came into the hall with sweat all over his face and reported, "Your Majesty, the Lord the Lords follower, Messenger Jiangshan has made his esteemed presence."

Due to his great agitation, he stammered over his words as he spoke.

The entire hall fell into complete silence.

"What?" Even the Emperor forgot himself for a little, as he stood up abruptly and almost knocked over the table in front of him.

The Emperor led the civil and military officials of all ranks to greet the legendary Messenger Jiangshan in the most ceremonious manner possible.

The names of the four messengers alongside the Lord would strike the people like the roar of thunder. However, due to the fact that they rarely made their presence, most of the people had never actually seen them before.

Even the Emperor had only seen Messenger Jiangshan once.

Messenger Jiangshan was wearing a large, green robe. He looked friendly with a gentle and amiable expression like Buddha. He stood gracefully tall and straight with his voice clanging like the mountain spring.