The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 47

Chapter 47: It Was Bad to Be Pretentious

He put his hand on Gu Xijiu's shoulders and leaned towards her, "Since I had done you such a kind favor, do you want to buy me a drink?"

There was a light fragrance on the young mans body. The fragrance was very faint and lingered around her nose. Perhaps it was because of the gap between their height, thus when the young man leaned over she felt slightly pressured.

There was a dedicated servant in all the dining rooms of the second floor. There were two servants who worked efficiently and had learned martial arts. Besides, they used to serve a lot of people who held high positions. However, the young man's aura actually frightened them and they could not help but step back for a few steps subconsciously.

Nevertheless, Gu Xijiu seemed unaffected by the strong aura. She did not step back but instead, raised her eyebrows and smiled, "Although the favor was done despite having ulterior motives, I can still buy you a drink." She turned around and ordered a new liquor set.

The young man laughed; his strong aura suddenly disappearing. He took out a small glass from beneath his clothing and said, "Don't use their glass set, they are too rough. Let's use mine."


The two servants were silent. All the utensils here were top notch! The liquor set was even made by exquisite eggshell bone china. One single glass could cost up to a thousand dollars, and even the glass set used by the King in the palace might pale in comparison to the utensils used here. How could he describe them as rough?

"Humph! Dont be too pretentious. Its not good to be that way!"

The two servants slightly scoffed in their hearts.

However, when they saw the glass in the young man's hand, their face slightly changed and their temper dissipated.

That glass was shaped like a linden blossom bud. It was white with a trace of purple. They could not recognize the material. Under the candlelight in the room, the glass had a colorful halo lingering around it, which also reflected the finger of that young man that looked like jade and was indeed, extremely fine.

Gu Xijiu also took a look at the glass. She was considered knowledgeable, but could also not distinguish the material of the glass. What she could say was that the glass did indeed look exquisite and of superior quality.

When she poured liquor for him, it was strange to see the light jade color of the liquor turning peach pink when it touched the glass. It looked like there was a petal floating on the liquor and it was very alluring to watch.

She almost thought that the liquor had been tampered by someone else but when she poured it into her own glass, the liquor was indeed light jade.

The young man raised his glass for a toast with her. Right after, the young man laughed out loud and patted her shoulder, "Little brother, please take care of yourself." After he finished his sentence, he jumped down from the second floor and left.

Before he walked out from the door, he sang out loudly. Without a shadow of a doubt, he had a good voice. His voice was crystal clear and when he sang, it made people felt as if spring water was flowing through their hearts.

The singing gradually faded in proportion to the distance, as the young man left, far away.

Rong Chu was angry. For the first time in his life, he was embarrassed by someone, let alone being in front of his lover.

His eyes turned cruel and quietly directed the bodyguards behind him to follow the young man. The bodyguard nodded slightly and quietly retreated. Apparently, he went out to investigate the background of that young man and attempted to cause some trouble for him.