The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Personal Verification 4

Di Fuyi looked into the mirror and the palm lines on the little hand slowly appeared in the mirror

There was a thin layer of dead skin on the palm, a few inflamed wounds, and minor scratches.

Apparently, the master of this little hand had tried her best to survive in the last few days.

Di Fuyi looked at the little hand for a short while and sighed. He tapped on the mirror again and a colorful ray had been transmitted to the vintage mirror

Gu Xijiu who was in deep sleep did not realize that the jade in her hand was glowing. A hand appeared at the back of the jade and was placed into her palms. Di Fuyi then transmitted the colorful ray into her palm

"Shoot" A weird sound was heard from Gu Xijius sleeve. Lu Wu stretched its head out and was frightened by the colorful ray. Its fur stood straight on its ends as it roared softly towards the jade

Di Fuyi frowned.

Lu Wu probably thought the jade was going to hurt its mother as it tried to scratch the jade after a few roars!

The jade shone and the colorful ray shone onto Lu Wu. It screamed and fell off from Gu Xijius wrist and lied beside her hand. It was not moving at all

Mu Feng shook his head outside the carrier. Although Lu Wu was a majestic being, it was too small and too young to fight with The Lord.

Mu Feng looked into the cabin and realized Gu Xijiu was surrounded by the colorful rays.

Mu Feng sighed silently. Although The Lord had agreed to cancel the marriage agreement, he still missed her and even treated her with his core spiritual power.

Apparently, that would consume a lot of his spiritual power

The Lord really treated her very well! He has never done this to anyone!

He did not even treat the heaven's gift disciple so nicely before. He only made sure they did not die but never put so much effort to help

Eventually, the colorful rays slowly faded and disappeared in the cabin. Gu Xijius face slowly turned rosy again and her lips regained its pinkish color. Surprisingly, the birthmark on her forehead was lightened again and it was almost gone!

She was quite pretty!

However, why did the little girl not like The Lord? Pardon, why did she not like Di Fuyi and rejected the engagement so steadily?

Even Mu Feng who was the most mature one felt sad for Celestial Master Zuo

He felt that the little girl had gone overboard and was too nave

Initially, Mu Feng did not want to report her injuries. However, The Lord had asked him and he did not dare hide it.

In the end, The Lord ordered him to send a message to the tea stall as Messenger Jiangshan

Visiting the tea stall with two different identities in a day has made Mu Feng feel proud of his capabilities, while having a headache at the same time.

However, the most challenging task was how he could put Gu Xijiu who was not qualified into Tianju Hall.

Those stubborn old folks in Tianju Hall were really hard to deal with. They were too serious and would never even do any favors for anyone. Sometimes, they even refused to cooperate with Messenger Jiangshan if things were not executed according to its standard procedures

Especially the principal of the Tianju Hall (Gu Canmo) was really strict and scary. He could even scold or curse Messenger Jiangshan if he was mad

Of course, it was The Lords decree to push Gu Xijiu into Tianju Hall. Therefore, those old folks would not really be against it. However, he was just worried if they would abuse this little girl behind his back.