The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Personal Verification 5

"My Lord, do I need to remind Gu Canmo not to find any trouble with Miss Gu after sending her into the Tianju Hall? Mu Feng sought advice from Di Fuyi.

"Not necessary." Di Fuyi sent two characters to Mu Feng, "You just need to send her there and it will do."

"What if those people bully her? Im afraid she won't be able to handle it"

"So what?" Di Fuyi asked as though he did not really care.

Mu Feng remained silent for a moment and spoke, "Lord, youre not worried that she will get bullied?" Mu Feng asked curiously.

Di Fuyi pondered and asked, "What does it have to do with me then?"

Mu Feng was speechless.

He suddenly got it - perhaps The Lord wanted to punish her?

It was very rare for The Lord to decide to get engaged, yet, this little girl kept rejecting his offer and easily agreed to the engagement termination. She had hurt The Lord deeply. The Lord was really mad but he could not take revenge just like that because of his identity and status, hence, he decided to send her to Tianju Hall so that those old folks could help in torturing her

That was a well-planned murder

Yes! It must be like this!

The Lord was really mischievous! He would not compensate anyone who got tricked!

The jade had returned to its normal color and flew back into Mu Fengs sleeve. Mu Feng shook his head and secretly prayed for Gu Xijiu.


On the observatory deck, Di Fuyi kept the vintage mirror and his gaze returned to the starry sky. There was a big star at the center shinning brighter than the rest. Countless stars surrounded the big one as they moved. Far away at the South East corner above the sky, a tiny star was shining alone. Initially, the tiny star looked very normal. However, it was actually surrounded by a colorful glow which was almost the same as the big star.

Although the star was small, it had its own orbit and did not need to surround any other stars to move, which showed the dominance of a leader.

Of course, there were countless stars in the sky and they were far brighter than the tiny ones. If one was not paying enough attention, he would not be able to see the tiny star.

A newborn king of stars


Di Fuyis lips curved upwards again, unsure if he was smiling or insulting

He looked pale and his clothes were dampened by his sweat. Perhaps, that was due to the exhaustion from using his core spiritual power.

He slightly frowned and left the deck.


That was the Hot Spring Lake; the edge of the lake was made from jade. There was a lot of steam rising up from the lake and the surroundings were warm.

That was definitely a forbidden place and no one would ever dare to come here without Di Fuyi's permission.

Di Fuyi looked at the lake water as he stood on the shore. He then took off his robe and walked into the lake step by step.

The hot spring with a nice fragrance around him was moving and the heat seemed to be able to diffuse into his body from his pores and wash away all the exhaustion

He closed his eyes and placed his arms in front of his chest. His body was floating on the surface of the lake water, before he sat on the water surface. The wave was splashing underneath and a lot of petals moved towards his lilys platform and bloomed. He pointed at the platform; countless petals formed from the lily and slowly covered him

When the petals almost covered up his head, he suddenly opened his eyes and his body was stiff, as though he had sensed something.

The petals and water splashed back to the lake and created countless of circular patterns on the water surface. Of course, his naked body had also appeared on the surface of the lake water.

Gu Xijiu was stunned as she looked at him while standing on the other side of the lake. She used to be very calm in all the situation but now her mouth was opened to a wide O-Shape.