The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Reunion At The Hot Springs 3

The kiss was as vigorous as the storm, as though she has been engulfed...

Gu Xijiu had never experienced such a complicated feeling before. If those kisses she had before was just a trial, then this kiss must be a tsunami for her and she was drowning in it...

His blood was boiling and his body was hot, even his lips and tongue were burning. Gu Xijiu was stunned and completely invaded by his lips and tongue as though she was cast with a spell until her top had been stripped off! She felt a sudden cold at her chest and instantly regained her consciousness!

She had no idea where she got the strength to push him away, "You're a jerk! You"

Her eyes suddenly blurred and her body was shaking. "Bang!" She moaned, and she was stunned when she opened her eyes again.

Where was Di Fuyi and the Hot Spring?

She was still sitting in the shaky carriage but she fell from off from the seat and was now lying on a cushion. The mussels shell was opened and it drew closer to her, "Master, you had a nightmare?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.


On the shore of the Hot Spring, Di Fuyi was looking at his empty arms and was stunned.

He could barely smell her fragrance and he realized her odor was still lingering on his lips.

However, she disappeared suddenly, just like how she came.

The boiling blood was rushing haphazardly in his bloodstreams and flowed towards a particular direction in his body. A certain body part of his was expanding as though it was going to explode anytime soon.

He needed to release; he wanted her...

Damn it!

That was his first time experiencing such a weird feeling since he started practicing Kung Fu...

He wanted to take control of his feelings but now he was being controlled!

He jumped into the lake with his clothes on and created a huge splash of a wave!

He buried himself in the water and the flow moved vigorously and formed a circular whirlpool as though they understood his emotions.

A moment later, the entire lake water had whirled into the mid-air and formed a few tornados...

"Lord?" Mu Lei was calling from the outside.

"Are you alright, Lord?" Mu Lei asked again as he did not hear a response from Di Fuyi.

"I'm fine." He finally heard Di Fuyi's voice, "I'm practicing, don't let anyone come in."

Mu Lei responded to his request and felt relieved.

The Lord came here for long bath quite often and usually, nothing happened. That was the first time he caused so much chaos during his long bath.

Perhaps, he was trying to create certain new martial art? Mu Lei guessed.

Inside the lake, Di Fuyi's head was on the surface of the water. He wanted to meditate like what he did earlier but his robe was halfway off his body. He pondered and then put the robe on again.

He had a phobia now!

He was afraid if the little girl would suddenly break in again...

He closed his eyes and rested for a moment, and then he opened his eyes again and looked at the direction where Gu Xijiu had appeared just now.

The place was empty and he could not see her anymore.

Her soul was here! The wizardry barrier was completely nothing to her...

She was really...

He coughed. He would not be that weak if he did not consume too much of his core spiritual power, and he would not even let her escape...

If she did not escape, perhaps, he would have taken advantage of her just now!

He did not expect to lose control - was that because she was the one?

Had he completely fallen for her?!