The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Reunion At The Hot Spring 4

Suddenly, he issued a force with his palm towards the center of the lake! A gigantic whirlpool was created and the ground tremored!

Mu Lei almost fall from the sudden quake, but he managed to stabilize himself. He paid full respect to The Lord!

Even though The Lord was pale and he could hardly walk in a straight line when he arrived at the hot spring, he managed to regain his power just by soaking himself in the hot spring!

"Spectacular! Youre so strong." He secretly praised The Lord in his heart.

The Lord who he just praised was already sitting on the shore now. He seemed to have recalled something and took out his vintage mirror again. The mirror was shining after a cast, and Mu Feng appeared in the mirror. Mu Feng was surprised, "Yes?"

"Hows she?" Di Fuyi asked directly.

"Huh?" Mu Feng was confused. Subconsciously, he turned around and took a look. "Miss Gu fell asleep earlier and just woke up She looks better and her wounds almost healed."

"Place the jade card into the cabin secretly." Di Fuyi ordered.

Mu Feng still confused as he did not know what exactly what The Lord was thinking. However, he still followed the order.

Mu Feng was using a secret language while talking to the jade card; others would not understand. Hence, Gu Xijiu would not have understood it as well.

Apparently, the jade card had a unique function as it could hide itself. No one would notice it.

While Di Fuyi was observing everything in the cabin via the vintage mirror, he could even hear the conversation in the cabin.


Gu Xijiu was sweating when she woke up from the dream. She got up abruptly and sat there while her heart beat vigorously to the extent that her eardrums hurt. She naturally looked around her to make sure she was in the carriage.

Gosh! She had a dirty dream! A filthy dream! And it was about Di Fuyi! She not only saw his naked body, but he also kissed her passionately! He even almost pushed her down to mate with her.

Gosh, her body was still less than 15 years old, how could she think about that!? Her dirty dream felt so real!

Di Fuyis naked body seemed to just flash across her mind again. Although she only took a glimpse earlier, she had a pair of sharp eyes and was able to remember almost every single detail.

The perfect body lines on his back and his muscular stature... His skin was as fair and firm as ceramic, and his abdominal muscles were large and firm!

Gu Xijiu was an assassin in her previous life, and she possessed a lot of medical knowledge. During her training, she was taught to understand the human anatomy, and many of the male assassins were their models. Many of them were strong and had perfect bodies! Also, she had seen many of the handsome ones as she needed to partner with them during their missions. However, those men she knew were not even half of Di Fuyis perfection.

He was indeed the best craft in the world created by the God! Even the human body statues from millions of years ago could not compete with him! Gu Xijiu custom of studying the human body naturally made her analyze his entire figure.