The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 477

Chapter 477: Reunion At The Hot Spring 5

The first thing that crept into her mind was the weakest point of the body and where to dissect. Especially when it was a naked body, it was even easier for her to identify it. However, when she saw Di Fuyis naked body, she did not relate it to dissection but instead was amazed by his body.

His appearance was slutty enough to ruin a country, but his body figure was even worse! Even his nipples were extremely perfect!

Unfortunately, he was sitting down, and his long hair covered the most vital part of his body.

Gosh! Stop it! What was she thinking!?

Gu Xijius face was as red as a cooked prawn.

"Master, why is your face so red? What did you dream about?" The little kid in the mussel asked curiously.

"Chewww" Lu Wu came out from somewhere and hopped on her shoulder. It looked at her with a pair of naive eyes and then stretched its claw to pat her face. It screamed softly again as it had no idea what happened to its master.

She coughed and pulled Lu Wu off her shoulder, "Why are you here? Sleep! You should sleep more; it helps to enhance your growth." She then stuffed it into her storage bag.

She then looked at the opened mussel and seemed to have recalled something. She lifted it up and stared at the mussel, "Are you the one who made all those nonsenses!?" She remembered the mussel created an illusion for her and showed her Di Fuyis naked body before. Perhaps the little bastard was setting her up!

The mussel was confused, "Wh...What!?"

"You put me into an illusion again, didnt you?" Such a perverted mussel!

"No! Definitely not!" The mussel screamed in sadness, "Master, I've mentioned before, I will not put you into any illusions anymore since we signed the Blood Agreement"


"Serious! It was not me." The mussel swore.

Alright, she decided to trust it once again. Gu Xijiu put it down on the floor.

But, why would she have that kind of dream?

Gu Xijiu was idling, and the mussel slowly drew closer to her. Since it controlled dreams and illusions, it was the expert in this field. Thus, it guessed, "Master, you must have had some weird dreams. Was it a nightmare? Or a fantasy dream?" It looked at Gu Xijiu's blushing face again and guessed, "Did you just have a dirty dream?"

"Piakkkk!" Gu Xijiu slapped it and closed its shell.

The mussel finally understood and tried very hard to open its shell again, "Ops! You had a dirty dream! Who was it about? Was it Long Siye?"

Gu Xijiu trembled and stared at it, "Stop crapping."

The mussel continued, "I wasn't talking crap though! Long Siye and you are quite compatible, and he saved you in the Dark Forest. Although you treated him coldly, you still went back to help him when he was in danger. You could have just run away, but you took the risk to teleport back and fought the poisonous corpses together with him. It was a good match and looked as though two swords were helping each other. Honestly, both of you look like a couple who have a love-hate relationship. It is normal for you to have a dirty dream about him."

"Mussel! I think youre quite the expert in talking crap. Should I just give you a drug to make you mute!?"