The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 2

No wonder she was still energetic when he left her even though she was poisoned and injured after she escaped from the Dark Forest.

He pondered for a moment and removed the wizardry barrier at the edge of the lake and instructed, "Mu Lei, come in!"

Mu Lei immediately came in and got shocked by The Lord.

The Lords black wet hair was messily lying on his shoulder, and the water droplets were dripping down his hair and damped clothes. His purple robe was half drenched, and that made him look even sexier and sluttier!

Usually, The Lord always revealed himself to his subordinates with a tidy and clean image. His hair and clothes must be neat. You would not even notice a single wrinkle on his clothes. This was the very first time his subordinates has seen him in a messy state!

The Lord was looking at him as he sat on a rocky bench at the shore. Mu Leis heart was beating very fast as though it had lost control!

He felt stressful especially when he looked at The Lords eyes which looked like two black holes. It almost felt as though he was being sucked into it.

Damn it! What was wrong with The Lord? He acted as though he was not satisfied!

Mu Lei suddenly recalled the rumors in the palace about Celestial Master Zuo being a homosexual, and now when he saw Celestial Master Zuo... He immediately shivered!

Was The Lord seeking relief from him?

Celestial Master Zuo was a real man! Based on his character, he would not be the one being pressed down on the ground even if he was gay.

So, did Celestial Master Zuo want to press his subordinate down with his charm?

No please! He was a normal man! He still wanted to get married and did not want to be screwed by a man!

He shivered again!!

Mu Lei looked pale and even felt uneasy.

After a short ponder, he raised his head as he realized Celestial Master Zuo did not say anything. He was shocked as Di Fuyi was staring directly at him! Both of their gazes met, and Mu Lei immediately trembled and knelt down as his knees were numb, "The Lord!"

"Youre back to reality now?" Di Fuyi looked down at Mu Lei from a higher position. That bastard was acting so strangely since he came in and he just looked like he was going to die soon.

Di Fuyi spoke gently, and Mu Lei shivered again and spoke with a trembling voice, "Th...The L Lord!"

"What have you got in your mind about me?" Di Fuyi asked. He was worried that Mu Lei might not understand and rephrased his sentence, "What was in your mind about me?"

Mu Lei quickly responded, "I I do not dare to How can I help you?" He did not even dare to look at The Lord.

Di Fuyi did not speak, and Mu Lei was anxious. He suddenly realized Di Fuyi was standing in front of him and his purple robe was caressing his face!

Gosh! He is coming! He was going to screw him now!

Mu Lei was shocked and tried to avoid him. However, he fell on the floor as if a tortoise overturned itself!

Di Fuyi was speechless.

That was his first time when he did not know what was in his subordinates mind. Why the hell was that bastard scared of him?

However, he finally got the answer as Mu Lei removed his clothes with a grief expression as though he was going to lose an arm, "The...Lord! Could you please.... Be gentle?"

The vassal needed to die when the king wanted him to die, moreover, The Lord was more powerful than the king! If he wanted to screw his subordinate, how could the subordinate reject him? Therefore, he gave up...