The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 48

Chapter 48: It Was a Strange Day

The owner of this auction center was someone of a special identity. No one in the land would dare to offend the owner. Thus, everyone in this auction center had to follow the rules and should not be causing any trouble, even if one were to be the King of Feixing Kingdom, it would be no exception as well.

However, as long as it was out of the auction center, any bullies or troublemakers will not be associated with the auction center anymore.

The young man would be safe if he kept staying in the auction center. Rong Chu did not dare to do anything to him. However, now that he had left the auction center, the consequences would be grave.

Everyone in the auction center helped to pray for the young in their hearts silently.

Rong Chu was famous with his ruthlessness, plus, he was monstrous as well - killing anyone who offended him.

The young man might have some skills, but he was only a teenager after all. No matter how strong he was, he was still subjected to his limitations.

How could he escape from the hunting of the fourth prince?

It was unfortunate to see such a handsome boy killed, and completely off the radar in the future.

Rong Chu stared at the dining room where Gu Xijiu was. Through the curtains, he could see a thin figure that stood in front of the window.

He aspired to get the 3,000-year-old illusion weed. So, all his attention was now on Gu Xijiu. "Hello young man, can you please come out?"

Behind the curtain, she answered nonchalantly, "No, Fourth Prince." The voice sounded cool and bright - which was actually music to one's ears. Before Rong Chu could reply, she asked, "Fourth Prince, are you trying to buy the herbs from me? I am afraid that I would have to disappoint you, as I have promised that young man not to sell it to anyone. A promise of a gentleman is worth a thousand ingots of gold. I believe that you wouldn't want to force me to be a man who backs down on his word, right?"

Just those simple few words had rendered Rong Chu speechless.

Rong Chu was stunned for a while, smiled and said, "Sir, you have worried too much. Of course, I would not like to force anyone to do something unwillingly." Although he replied with a friendly tone, his eyes flashed a fierce and murderous glare.

It was really a strange day. There were two strangers who actually dared to embarrass him. It must be because he had been too merciful recently.

He brought his people back to his own dining room.

Everyone was well aware of Rong Chu's violent temper. Thus, they also helped to pray for this young man in their hearts too.

After this small incident, the auction restarted again and there were several precious goods that were bought by a few people.

Gu Xijiu came here just for fun and to expand her knowledge, never once thinking of buying anything. At this moment, a servant of auction center took out a box and put it on the stage and this time around, the auctioneer did not let the buyers ask for a price blindly but opened the lid to reveal the item.

Gu Xijiu was shocked when she took a good look at what was in the box. Was it a flower in the shape of a gem? A watch?

The item looked quite similar to a watch and was folded into the shape of a sunflower. It was strung together with a colored gemstones and shined with various colors.

When the auctioneer held it in his hand, the colorful lights reflected off the body of the auctioneer. It made him seem as though he was surrounded by the lights that surrounded the Buddha and looked amazing.

Gu Xijiu had seen various gemstones but it was the first time she saw something so awe-strikingly beautiful. Even a diamond did not shine as brightly as this jewel. She looked at it over and over again in curiosity.

Suddenly she had a weird thought run through her mind. It did not look like a natural gemstone but instead, a synthetic one. However she was not sure if synthetic gemstones existed in this time and age as the design did not look like it came from this time as well.

The auctioneer raised up the item up high and asked, "This item has suddenly appeared in our warehouse a few days ago and no one was able to recognize what it's made of. Can anyone here help to identify it?"

Everyone stared cluelessly at the item. Apparently, no one was able to recognize it and they shook their heads.