The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Pride and Bias 2

This teenager was indeed a genius. He was fast and efficient and could do the job without a single mistake.

The roof of the stone house had a thick layer of bundles laid on it. Then, under Gu Xijius instruction, a layer of yellow mud was applied.

The teenager had multiple talents. Other than his wood talent, he was good at manipulating fire too. He directly dried the layer of yellow mud and then laid another thick layer of thatch.

The current thatched roof was now thicker and stronger and would be able to withstand the bad weather.

After they were done, the sky had completely turned dark with a moon and thousands of twinkling stars illuminating.

The house was finally built. The teenager was like Gu Xijiu, dirty with mud. But he was proud of himself, "Little girl, what do you think about the roof I helped you with? Its better than your previous one, right?"

After they worked together for a period, the teenager subconsciously no longer felt enmity towards Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu patted his shoulder, "Good job!"

"Of course, Im a genius after all!" The teenager was feeling proud.

It seemed that he had not been praised for a long period of time. Though he was still acting cool, his narrowing eyes proved that he was indeed happy.

He strolled around the stone house and finally thought of a question, "Wherere you going to sleep?" He did not see a bed.

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Not going to sleep tonight. Will figure it out tomorrow."

As the boy who led the way just now had said that the Tianju Hall did not have extra facilities, she had to build her own house as well as the interior furniture.

The nearest market was quite far away and was only available in the morning. Hence, Gu Xijiu had to wait for tomorrow if she wanted to buy bedding and other materials.

Currently, she just needed a shelter, and she did not mind to meditate on dry weeds throughout the night.

The teenager frowned, "They don't even give you a set of bedding? Theyre too mean." And when he felt that he sounded like he was siding her, he coughed, "Dont misunderstand that Im supporting you, I just dislike how they treated a girl."

With a pause and then a hum, he ran away.

Gu Xijiu could not help to shake her head looking at his reaction!

The wind started blowing, and she felt rather cold. As Gu Xijiu did not have a candle, she took out a luminous pearl from her storage bag.

In the house, there was only one big stone which the mussel chiseled as a chair. Gu Xijiu sat on it and rested for a while. She later went to wash herself at a stream not far away as she felt dirty.

Of course, she only washed her face and limbs. She could not take a bath because many people were passing by.

It seemed that she had to make a bathtub with stone and put it in her house.

Gu Xijiu felt that the entire thing was ridiculous as she had not expected that she would live a primitive life at Tianju Hall.

Yet, it was not a big deal for her because she was a person who would try to solve the problem instead of complaining.

After all, she used to live in a more difficult condition and thus, the difficulty she was currently facing was just a small matter.

"Master, Im hungry, and I wish to eat meat!" The mussel had taken a bath at the stream and was currently at her feet, staring at her.

"Choo-woo, choo-woo." Lu Wu also jumped on her shoulder and kept nodding to agree with the mussel.